What If the Real Reason For Alien Abductions Is Information Backup For An Alien Species?

Imagine that the real cause of alien abductions is not for some nefarious clandestine hybridization program or infiltration purposes into our culture. What if it is all about universal data storage. An intergalactic server backup as it were. We being the storage device and the abductor’s members of a less than ethical intergalactic IT department.

I have heard many descriptions of interactions between humans and – well – who/whatever they are. In short, we really don’t understand what is going on in the abduction phenomenon, although it appears to be very real to the experiencer.

Many people believe that these stealthy intruders are conducting research on humans, much like human naturalists or biologists would study and manage wildlife populations. While human naturalists conduct such activities routinely, to the animals it is probably incomprehensible. This is probably similar to the inexplicable nature and behaviour of “Them” that abduction experiencers describe.

But what if their true purpose is not one that appears in popular culture.

As it turns out our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is an extremely efficient information storage medium. Scientists have been eyeing up DNA as a potential storage medium for a long time, for three very good reasons: It’s incredibly dense (you can store one bit per base, and a base is only a few atoms large); it’s volumetric (beaker) rather than planar (hard disk), and it’s incredibly stable.

Harvard scientists have been able to encode 700 terabytes of data into 1 gram of DNA. Pause for a second and think about that.

That is the equivalent of 14,000 50-gigabyte Blu-ray discs… in a droplet of DNA, that would fit on the tip of your finger. To store the same kind of data on hard drives — the densest storage medium in use today — you’d need 233 3TB drives, weighing a total of 151 kilos.

Humans are just massive squishy bags of DNA.

DNA contains instructions (coding) that are used to create proteins in the cell. However, the amount of DNA contained inside each cell is vast and not all of the genetic sequences present within a DNA molecule actually code for a protein.

Some of this noncoding DNA is used to produce non-coding RNA components such as transfer RNA, regulatory RNA, and ribosomal RNA. However, other DNA regions are not transcribed into proteins, nor are they used to produce RNA molecules and their function is unknown.

The proportion of coding versus noncoding DNA varies significantly between species. In the human genome, for example, almost all (98%) of the DNA is noncoding, while in bacteria, only 2% of the genetic material does not code for anything.

Even with some of the noncoding DNA being used for support services for protein generation, we are essentially huge bipedal blank hard drives.

In the average 150 pound human using the numbers that Harvard has been able to encode we could store:

150 lbs equals 68038 grams. 

700 terabytes X 68038 = 47,626,600 terabytes or 47,626.6 petabytes, or 47.626 exabytes

1 Exabyte equals one BILLION GIGABYTES

I realize that this calculation assumes that the entire weight of the human body is DNA, which it is not but it emphasizes the magnitude of the storage potential we have. Even if it eventually works out to be just .5 exabyte it is just as amazing. Potentially that is 500 million gigabytes of potential storage inside every man, woman, and child on Earth. These numbers are pure conjecture and used as an illustration of what might be.

Perhaps abductees are part of a cosmic disaster recovery program.

In a disaster recovery plan on Earth, one of the important points is to spread your data storage out. So it is never all in one place one. Companies, for example, build redundant data centres so no one disaster can wipe out all the data. They have a backup site somewhere geographically spaced out which can then function as the primary data store until the main one can be restored from disaster. The main goal is redundancy. They could be doing this on many different worlds with many different life forms to guarantee that no one event wipes all they have learned.

Are aliens using our massive information storage potential to store the Encyclopedia Galactica? The sum total of their collective knowledge or all the recipes known in the Universe? Who knows.

This might account for the descriptions of genetic manipulation, and the apparent interest in family lineages described by the families of abduction experiencers. The uncontrolled mating of us humans would on a generational basis introduce errors or corruption to the data. Just by how our replication works. There would be a need to tweak the data every once in a while to maintain it’s integrity. A human cyclic redundancy check (HCRC) as it were. Is that what alien abductions are about? The encoding and re-encoding the little piece of information that has been forcibly assigned to you.

Since there is zero credible evidence for alien hybrids or alien infiltration into our centres of power this hypothesis is just as good as any other.

At least it might imply that we are going to be around for awhile.

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