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Why the Magical World is FOR THE BIRDS!! The Truth About the “Myth"- Does it REALLY Exist?

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We all have a connection with the natural world. Some people however, may have more of an open door, or eye as it were to the aliveness of nature all around us, and a magical connection.

My guest Suzanne Ross is one such person.

Intuitively gifted and open as a young child, Suzanne speaks openly about her early communication with nature - the elementals, fairies, minerals, plants and birds...Lots of them!

Birds in particular have been known to the world of ancient and modern mythology as message bearers, catalysts between this world and the next, some even considered to be god-like deities.

In this episode, Suzanne and I took an unexpected turn in discussion, exploring the connection between these fine feathered creatures and us. What can they teach us about the magic that’s all around us? What can they tell us about what Ascension is truly all about?

Suzanne gave us, shall we say, a “birds eye view” on these and other aspects of the magical dimension that exists right here on Planet Earth.

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