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Who Still Denies Electric Currents in Space? | Space News

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As we’ve reported recently, new papers in peer-reviewed astrophysical journals propose that powerful electric currents flow in extragalactic jets and that the jets themselves are “fundamentally electromagnetic structures.” However, if you follow science media, it’s likely that you’ve not noticed any attempt to contextualize the development as significant for astrophysics. One person who has noticed this disconnect is Thunderbolts colleague Chris Reeve, who has spent many years documenting online discourse on scientific controversies. Recently, Chris published a commentary exploring why the recognition of vast, cosmic electric currents has apparently yet to register either with science journalists or most online commentators.

In this episode, we present Chris' comments, published in posts on the website

Chris' Slashdot posts, complete with links to the many references in this Space News:

Chris' Google Plus Page:

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