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UFO Topics (UFO News,Copyright-Fair Use, A.I. & My '86 Program ) - Out There Chan Live Stream#33

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1) A recap of My UFOLOGY chart and clearing up
2) UFO New and Videos for the last 3 days
- Passenger Jet UFO, Kite UFO, Lake UFO
- New Barone Valley UFOs video debunked
3) Copyright.. example h3h3 Law suit win
for all YouTube creators and what Fair Use
now means
4) (at 1h20m) A.I. A look at my Self Learning Programming
I wrote and sold in UK to run on Spectrum
advance computer call Sam Coupe
but using a PC emulator version of it called
SimCoupe and a snapped image of the diskette/floppy
and Looked at other fun graphic fractal stuff
I wrote and played with
5) Looked at modern AI,, facebook chat bots
and Drones and Military AI
6) Fun look at AI experiment where you
can draw and the learning computer will figure
out what the picture is
7) Look at google gravity and space to round
of the fun night.

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