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UFO Topics (Skinwalker Money or Truth & UFO gen Chat) - OT Chan Live Stream#45

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1) Hunt for Skinwalker (My thoughts/honest review - Pros and Cons)
2) Our own research on Location of Skinwalker
and whats on the opposite side of the world to its
location. Found a Interesting map tool you all
can use.
3) Facts about Skinwalker Ranch and other shows
that also investigated
4) The story about Sunspot Observatory being Closed
and that its on 9/11 date and FBI related that it
could be about someone being a threat
5) What is Pi in Maths.. I draw a simple diagram
6) A recap on Fine Structure and the golden number 137
7) Black holes and our Galaxy.. and how many
stars in our galaxy and Universe and how many
planets could hold Alien Life.. HEAPS!!
8) Dyson Sphere and Zeta

links posted in side chat. cheers

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