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UFO Topics (Real Classic sighting confirmed+WeedUfology+BlurFO) - Out There Chan Live Stream#38

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1) UFO that flew over my house was debunked by others
that left a smokey trail like a plane contrail in the sky
Canterbury New Zealand
2) Talked about a new UFO legit channel called UFOHub
that does interesting interviews.. I listen to part
of one about triangular UFOs and discuss what
was said and look in to quasicrystals used by
stealth similar craft.
3) Medical Journal Reports about heavy and regular
use weed and how it damages the brain
and can also create visions, and how it should
not be excluded from UFO sightings reports
as a factor, especially people who claim to see
them regularly
4) Jason Gleaves claiming a UFO punched hole in clouds
investigated (although my CPU was maxed out
and editor was too slow to enhance it)
but I pointed out a error in his analysis.
5) A real classic saucer case from 3 aug 2011
seen by a BBC Reporter while in a country village
travelling to airport at 4:15am

I apply tools and research to confirm its a TRUE
unknown UFO case.

Links all post in side chat to videos

Google seem to have bad bandwidth tonight as so
the graphics was lower and made text on screen
corrupted so use links to read pages directly
if need too..

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