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UFO Topics (Buzz Viral Vid+Moon Buildings+UFO cloaking+ST10 fakery) - Out There Chan Live Stream#24

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1) Buzz Aldrin Viral video on never went to the moon
2) Moon Buildings secureteam claims
3) UFO cloaking.. why don't we see these silver craft
like we did back in the 1950-60s?
metamaterials, metalense, nanofins, titanium nano rods
invisible completely to night vision and Infrared and can
make it change shapes. Also invisible for troops.. clothing.
so if Military have it.. so do Aliens but more advanced.
4) Cloaking sound of subs.. sonar invisible.
5) Helium is not explosive !!! (for Rene Cruz)
6) Secureteam faked his own troll account angry truthseeker
and put it in a video only to delete video when he got found out.
can find the information on reddit.. google secureteam fraud
and can find it on 2 page of results.

todays research stream found out about metalenses nanofin.. that not only are used in new cloaking clothes but skins of tanks etc. and also does away from glasses lenses and makes lenses nano thin.. future cameras going to be good and no len flares etc

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