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The Mandela Effect,Technology and the Ghost in the Machine **YOU Need to be Thinking About This!!**


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The Mandela Effect phenomenon has raised both curiosity and controversy since its growing popularity within the last decade.

Some say that false memories are just that - false! Others believe that we are living in a simulation that offers many different versions of reality, where none may be wrong.

With all of the possibilities that are cropping up in alternative discussions, what role might technology, and the often reported “strange” effects its been shown to produce, be telling us about how we interact with A.I?

Right on the heels of my interview with Cynthia Sue Larson about the many dimensions of the Mandela Effect, I discuss how the advent of high speed and high velocity technology may be adding to instances of high strangeness.

In this episode of Conscious Commentary, we discuss how social media and other technology platforms may add to the mix of both A.I. and human consciousness to create an entanglement that might just make for the perfect stew for paranormal activity.

Do the mind and computer collaborate to create reality in this scenario?

►Be sure to listen to our interview with researcher Cynthia Sue Larson to learn more about the story that inspired this episode:

►BIG QUESTION: Is our constant interaction with technology upping the ante when it comes to incidents of paranormal and high strangeness❓

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