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The Evidence for the PEAK EXPERIENCE and the SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY Aftermath (This is REAL!)

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Have you had a spiritual awakening and suffered a spiritual emergency as a result?

In this episode we will be discussing this powerful aspect of what is called the Peak Experience.

Other names such as mystical experiences, spiritual or kundalini awakenings have also been used to describe the "indescribable."

Whatever you call them, they are powerful for the experiencer and to-date, there has been no process in which to understand or integrate these experiences into one’s life.

Robert Davis, Ph.D., author of Unseen Forces - The Integration of Science, Reality and You breaks down the components of the peak experience and why he feels more individuals are having them today.

As you listen, you will understand that if you have had or are having a “PE” you are NOT alone! But how can we fully integrate them into our lives and in a world that heretofore has not acknowledged the validity of such an experience?

Dr. Davis provides an excellent framework for understanding UNSEEN FORCES!

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