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The Cyprus Drone Tour!

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Last October I visited Cyprus with some good friends to do some drone filming. I had been using this trip as an opportunity to test my NIR camera filter to generate vegetation index maps. As I byproduct I had got a big collection of footage to edit, some of which I share here!

My friends were much more familiar with the island than I was and introduced me to some truly lovely filming locations, rocky and sandy beaches, scrubland, water features and of course the very rich mountains and forest land in the center of Cyprus. I was surprised how diverse Cyprus is in terms of its environments, most surprising is the difference between the Troodos Mountains and the lowlands where it can sleet and snow in Troodos on the same day as you can sit on a beach in Limassol!

Cyprus is geologically interesting. It exists on a tectonic arc between 3 plates and for that reason suffers from earthquakes. The many ancient ruins from past civilizations that held power on Cyprus though the ages had fallen victim to these earthquakes at some point, although many are still standing and boast an impressive collection of relatively pristine ancient ruins to this day, Salamis for example.

Cyprus itself is largely made of sedimentary rock, limestone mostly. Ancient fossilized coral visibly lines much of the rockier coastlines. There is a large amount of distinct sea life in the coastlines around Cyrpus today but is undoubtedly under threat from over-fishing and runoff from human activity. Cyprus has relatively cleaner waters compared to many other Mediterranean nations, perhaps owed to its relatively low population density.

Of interest to me is the large amount of vegetation in Cyprus, in particular indigenous vegetation in the Troodos and Paphos Forest regions. North Cyprus also boasts a large amount of relatively undisturbed land, some of which has remained in a kind of limbo due to the political situation there.

Cyprus is a very interesting place to do environmental monitoring and I was glad to have the opportunity to do aerial photography here! I am sure I will return again!

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