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Open Minds UFO Radio: 2018 UFO Year in Review

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Open Minds UFO Radio: Hosts Alejandro Rojas and Martin Willis are joined by author and producer Lee Speigel to review the best UFO news stories of 2018.

2018 was a banner year for UFOs. It could be argued 2018 was the tipping point when UFOs became a serious topic in the mainstream. Some even argue it was the first full year we lived in a post UFO disclosure world. In this episode we review the stories and information that made 2018 so important for the UFO topic.

Links to some of the stories we mention:

FAA releases audio and radar data of UFO encounter with multiple pilots over California and Oregon, jets were scrambled:

Journalist obtains FAA audio of pilot UFO encounter over Arizona and New Mexico:

I-Team: Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada:

To the Stars Academy partners with think tank to examine UFO materials:

The science of proving an object was created by an extraterrestrial civilization:

George Knapp Hunt for the Skinwalker Interview Transcript:

Congressional Hearing on UFOs Suggested by Space Subcommittee Member:

UFO sightings may be falling, but Congress is still paying attention:

WATCH: Former Pentagon official calls for big UFO reveal after secret investigation:

I-Team: More details on government UFO findings could be forthcoming:

UFO caught LIVE on camera during newscast in Buffalo, NY:

Watch: UFO Filmed at Nazca Lines:

UFO Sighted Over Banbury, England ( July 7, 2018 ):

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