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No More Lies! An EXCLUSIVE Discussion with Linda Moulton Howe

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Long time investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe has covered a multitude of stories having to do with “high strangeness.” But this is the first time I’ve heard her speak so adamantly and passionately about our state as a human race, within the context of the high strangeness that is so obviously being ignored!

Though we spoke about some of her signature research: animal mutilations (including some of the more recent reports), anomalous paranormal encounters - of late she’s been delving into the phenomenon of childhood out of body experiences (OBEs), and of course the reality that we are dealing with an alien influence that is intelligent and omnipresent; living side-by-side with us everyday, this time Linda Moulton Howe went into the BIG picture and on a level that I’ve not heard before!

Her words are sobering, urgent, poignant and a message for the masses. If you’ve been a follower of Linda’s work for years or a newcomer to her brand of investigative journalism, you MUST not miss what she had to say here!


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