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Maury Island Recap+Saturn Beams+Flat Earth+Space Bubbles - OT Chan Live Stream#49

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1) Maury Island UFO Incident (Recapped Summary why
it could of been covered Up. Write up a list of facts)
2) SecureTeam 10 Claims of Saturn shooting beams
or lasers to Earth or some sort of Stargate DEBUNKED
3) ST10 claims of orange strange lights in the sky
of south Holland DEBUNKED
4) Flat Earth Claims Look at.
- A disc with a wall of ice on the edge called Antartica
-All water pooling at the bottom of Earth,.. cos
its a globe and Antartica is lowest point claim
debunked as not understanding how gravity works.
-If was a Globe spinning at 1000 miles per hour
why couldnt helis just hover and wait for the
city to roll underneath it - debunk
5) Bubble in Space Claims looked at, and debunked
claiming space walks and ISS is faked.

Seems more tech problems of very slow loading
internet for research on the capture desktop
seemed to get slower as the night progress.
sorry we have to work with what got.
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