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June 2019 Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Energy Possibilities: A Whole NEW World (NEW Earth Experience)

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As Inside Changes, so shall outside change to vibrationally match. NEW Earth = Consciously Living Vibrational Realities, Allowing and Opening Completely UP. Look for "new", be ready, excited and embrace. Continue to honor your Physical LightBody... (Yes at one point I said July, which will still apply then and continually for all ready as we go).

Individual Awakenings transition to Individual Ascension
Collective Awakenings transition to Collective Ascension
A Game Changer on every dimensional level (various ways) which affects the greater whole/for all.

Keep shining, sharing and LOVING your new realities, Living all FULLY and allowing all old to fall away/dissolve as you do! ♥ Shift shift shift, tune tune tune, balance, align, maintain/sustain/hold = Embody... Live your Divinity and Purity without your own ego distortions (fixed/conditioned/limited perceptions/mentalities) in order to allow for a whole new reality/experience here.

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