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Human Alien Hybrids - One Experiencer Speaks Out About His "Otherworldly" Life

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Discussion about the idea of Human Alien hybrids is not new, but recently there’s been an uptick in attention on this part of the phenomenon of the ET reality.

The possibility that a large hybridization program has been and continues to be underway is also gaining momentum within UFOlogy circles.

The hit TV series Ancient Aliens has even dedicated a show in the recent past on hybrids, and in that particular episode they featured the person you are about to hear from.

Robert Fullington calls himself one such individual: part ET and part human.

As tough as this may be for some people to believe or wrap their mind around, hybrid humans may be walking amongst us each and every day.

If you were to pass Robert on the street, you would never know he has qualities different from any other person, but when you hear his story, you’ll know something quite different and otherworldly is going on.

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