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Future Of Humanity - Michio Kaku

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Coast to Coast AM Alternative February 20, 2018:
Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku joins Nashville's Coast to Coast AM Alternative to discuss the Future of Humanity. With vast advancements in technology, there is an ever-increasing worry about how Humanity will cope with the advent of capable AI (Artificial Intelligence) workers; and if their near imminent arrival means the total displacement of the blue-collar worker.

Michio Kaku shares his theoretical beliefs on what is in store for the Future of Humanity. On his first stop of a multi-media tour, Professor Michio Kaku dropped by Mysterious Matters’ studio to discuss just what we should be looking forward to and what we should be wary of when it comes to ensuring a prosperous future for Humanity. Mysterious Matters is a late night talk radio show dealing with Culture, Science, and the Paranormal.

Before appearing on Coast to Coast AM on February 20, 2018, Michio Kaku Joined Bob on February 19, 2018, for the first episode of the fourth season of the Mysterious Matters program —Nashville's Coast to Coast AM Alternative. Dr. Kaku made his first stop on his tour of media appearances on Mysterious Matters to discuss his latest book, The Future of Humanity.

Topics touched on include:

► How do we, as Humans, ensure that there is a future for Humanity

► Traffic Jam over the Moon and Mars

► Micho’s theory of Alien Abductions

► Why have advancements in space exploration been at a standstill

► Elon Musk’s Falcon Rocket and the Tesla Sports Car in Space

► Benefits of Transhumanism and why some are opposed to it

► Theory on how accurate the biblical depictions were of humans living 700 to 900 years

► Is technology dumbing down society

► Are Humans a form of organic robotics

► Creating dualism through technology

Mysterious Matters is a Coast to Coast AM Alternative in the Podcast format. Bob Bain has been called one of the best new voices in the alternative topic and paranormal podcast genre. by Micah Hanks on the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show.

Mysterious Matters was Dr. Kaku's first stop on his multiple media outlet tour. Before he appears on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on February 20th, 2018 -- Dr. Kaku requested he appear on Mysterious Matters on February 19th.

Michio Kaku: 01:56
Well, we have two great threats facing us. One is self-inflicted threats like global warming, like nuclear proliferation and national aspirations and antagonisms and also germ warfare. But we also have natural catastrophes like asteroid impacts, uh, ice ages, super volcanoes, and we need an insurance policy. I once interviewed Carl Sagan who said that he's all for space travel and that we should become a two planet species because life is so precious that if you put it on one planet, it could be extinguished. So we need a backup plan, a plan b. not that we're going to move the entire population of the earth to Mars, but we need a settlement on Mars in case something does happen to humanity on the planet earth, and that's why he advocated being a two planet species and now we have silicon valley billionaires who are picking up on that message.

Michio Kaku: 02:54 Elan musk of space x, Tesla Motors and paypal is bankrolling his moon rocket. He mentioned that Silicon Valley billionaire bankrolling his own moon rocket called the falcon heavy, which was launched just about three weeks ago. Millions of people saw that launch and they realized that it was historic because after 50 years we're now launching a moon rocket of real moon rocket after a 50 year gap finance by somebody's private checkbook. This is incredible unheard of and that's of course has its own moon rocket. So we actually may have a traffic jam over the moon and eventually over a Mars.

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