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Extreme Language: The Genes that let us speak

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Discover the key to spoken language, and see just how much influence it has had in our brains, and in our evolution.

Our unparalleled capacity for complex spoken language is one of the most intriguing but elusive aspects of being human. Scientists are uncovering critical genes, such as FOXP2, that may provide the first answers to this enigma.
A regulatory gene that mediates the plasticity of certain brain circuits, FOXP2 gives us an insight into the workings and origins of the human brain. Simon Fisher’s talk will illustrate this exciting area of research. He will explain how we originally found FOXP2, and how ongoing studies in humans, mice and songbirds are helping researchers to build bridges between genes, brains, and speech and language.

Simon will be joined on stage by a champion beatboxer Hobbit, who will show how we can even go beyond speech, pushing our human vocal system to the very limits.

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