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Engineering Immortality: the End of Aging?

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Are there limits to the human lifespan? Is it possible to stop the process of aging? On average, humans now live far longer than at any point in our history thanks to science and technology. On the horizon, advances in new drugs and medical techniques promise a revolution in how we live, age and die. But these advances may come at a steep cost. In this program, experts explore future challenges while debating the ramifications of an immortal society.

PARTICIPANTS: Joseph J. Fins, James L. Kirkland, Jamie Metzl, Doris Taylor
MODERATOR: Bill Blakemore


This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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0:00:00 Program Introduction

0:00:39 Participant Introductions

0:01:53 Program begins - "What is Biological Aging?"

0:09:46 "Where are we now in targeting the aging process?"

0:12:10 "Why is slowing or stopping aging a goal?"

0:15:45 "What is it about Americans and death?"

0:19:25 "Why are we spending so much on the diseases of aging and so little on targeting and studying aging itself?"

0:23:12 "What is the future?"

0:24:48 "What's the biggest intervention we can do today to live longer?"

0:28:25 "What do the next 20, 30 years look like?"

0:39:54 Supercentenarian

0:41:14 "What is healthspan versus lifespan?"

0:44:09 What is the role of inflammation in aging?

0:47:45 "Is death advantages for the evolution of the species?"

0:50:57 Audience questions: Is the singularity near? Where are we in treating Alzheimer's? What will our lifespan be 100 years from now?

This program was filmed live at the 2017 World Science Festival and edited for YouTube.

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