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Consciousness in Science Fiction Documentary | "What is Consciousness Blindness?" | Waking Cosmos

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In today's episode, we explore consciousness in science fiction. I focus on how narrative and story bring us into contact with the implicit moral significance of consciousness.

Through making contact with a broader possibility space of mind, science fiction can provide insights into what it means to participate in the mental dimension of consciousness, as well as what values, concerns, and goals may unite all minds.

I hope you enjoy today's episode. I spent way too long on it, but I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out :) Thank you for your continued support in what I'm doing! I now have a professional microphone, which hopefully improves the overall quality.

In the next episode of the Waking Cosmos podcast I'm talking with the philosopher David Pearce about transhumanism, quantum consciousness, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Till then, stay curious!

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The purpose of this video is education / academic analysis, and use of all footage and audio materials fall within Fair Use / Fair Dealing guidelines.

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