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Childhood NDE's - What You DIDN’T Know - PMH Atwater REVEALS Her Latest Findings!

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Though we don’t know how many individuals have undergone what is known as a near-death experience, what we do know is that these individuals lives are drastically different than others who’ve not recalled being on the “other side.”

What some describe as heaven - is home - a place that near death experiencers long to return to, even if the near death episode happened eighty or more years ago.

PMH Atwater, a near-death experiencer herself and internationally renowned for her research into the phenomenon, has tackled yet another critical angle. By researching childhood near death episodes that she’s brilliantly documented in her latest book, The Forever Angels - Near Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact.

I truly enjoyed my discussion with PMH as we took a bit of a deep dive into some of the stunning elements that make up these incredibly complex and gifted individuals, and most importantly what we can learn about them AND ourselves!

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