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case 81872 - Fridley, MN - February 2, 2017

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Unedited witness statement: I recorded this video on Wednesday 2-1-2017 at about 6:30pm in the evening in a suburb about fifteen minutes North of Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. North Suburbs for short. I'll give you as much details as I can think of. I will start by saying the synchronicity in this was mind bending in its own. I was in the process of telling a friend of mine goodbye and we were outside smoking a cigarette and I was facing west looking at the Moon, what I am pretty sure is a faint mars and a really bright Venus. Infact you can see Venus briefly at the start of the clip. I noticed what I thought was another bright star sitting a little to the north of Venus and it reminded me of the Chilean Navy UFO video. I said to her, "Hey Crazy news in the UFO community." and thats when the "star" sitting north of Mars began to rise. I announced to her basically holy smokes there is one now or else thats a plane with no flashing lights. After I focused on it for a few seconds I decided to run inside and grab my camera. Its a Sony HDR cx-330 handi cam. When I returned outside the Object had was moving from the western sky towards a South east direction and then turned towards the North and then started traveling East sky and continued until trees blocked my view of it. Towards the end of the video the object appears to fly but that is me filming up into the tree canopy. There are no leafs on the trees because its winter here so you could can see through them, thats why it looks like its flashing, it was a solid object, any flashing is because of filming through the trees. Thats the reason I had to quit filming it was so low in the sky I was losing eye sight of it because of trees and structures. The camera really doesn't do this justice. With the naked eye you could see an extremely shiny surface on what seemed to be a solid round object, but the lights so bright you cant see it on the film. It made No sound at all and its hard to see in the video but it would sway left and right at times. At about 14 seconds you also see another light come into frame in the second clip, and then zoom towards the object, I do not know if its some sort of weird glare some how or if its a shot of another object flying towards it. I did not see the second object at first when I was filming. The first clip is the object coming my direction, the second is because I had to re position to get a shot above the tree cover that was behind me. So Its a front view and back view, of a bright UFO.

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