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Biocentrism & Ufology - We're All Connected

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This video explores some concepts from the groundbreaking book Biocentrism – How life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe. Written by Dr. Robert Lanza, MD., and Bob Berman, astronomer.

The book explores many new paradigms, or rather, old paradigms, if you subscribe to the notion that much of what we know today is false and much of what we should know was left out of our educational training during our formative years in school.

Christopher - Our Hollywood A-Lister friend and experiencer brought this book out to the forefront in a recent video when he encountered the word biocentrism in a discussion he was having with the entities that were visiting him. He asked them to show him a sign that what he was experiencing was not some sort of hallucination or figment of his imagination. Instantly, out of nowhere, the word biocentrism appeared in his mind.

And so today, we explore just the surface of this book and it's content. Like everything in life. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Do yourself a favor, check out the book and read it for yourself.

As always – Be kind to one another! Much peace!

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