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Alien Abduction, Interrogation and Life Turned UPSIDE DOWN! What Happened?

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It’s not often that I do a show here on Higher Journeys that warrants an immediate part two, but what you about to hear is one such case.

The story of Terry Lovelace is SO deep, SO multifaceted, SO harrowing, that involves endless twists and turns.
This a story that continues to unravel to this day.

That story was documented in his book, Incident at Devil’s Den - A True Story.

This is about alien abduction. One of the strangest accounts I have ever heard, but the strangeness just begins with the abduction.

What would follow his encounter carries all the makings of a SCI FI thriller, except this isn’t science fiction at all.

Terry, an otherwise “normal guy” - a lawyer, a former assistant attorney general, a family man, father and grandfather is also an experiencer - a contactee who’s encounters have taken him down a rabbit hole the likes of which I’d never heard before.

Terry was very emotional during our interview, and for good reason. Re-living the days, weeks, and years that would follow his set of experiences, recurring nightmares and an unrelenting passion to make sure that the world knows what he feels is really going on with many humans on this planet.

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