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3D PRINTER : What will be my first 3D Space Print ? Curiosity...Cassini or Falcon Heavy??

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Ok so this week I bought something Ive wanted for a while now. my very own 3D Printer. I did a lot of looking online as to which would be best for a complete novice... I am a real beginner at this.

There are so many space-related objects out there that I am just dying to create it was just going to be a matter of time before I bought a printer.

I will do an in-depth review of the whole assembly process but for now what I will say is that I ended up buying an Anycubic i3 Mega - which I bought and paid for myself so there was no assistance from Anycubic or any online retailer so any views on the printer are strictly my own!

What you're watching is a timelapse of the assembly procedure but what I will say, again as a complete novice in this area, was that I found the whole setup fairly straightforward and from unboxing all the various bits it took around 15 - 20 minutes to assemble which I thought was pretty good.

So, onto the main purpose of this video.... I have my printer.... Ive down a few SMALL test prints which seem to have come out ok but I want to get my 3d printer into action, what about my first real 3d space print?

There is just so much to choose from out there...everything from sections of the moon and mars to print out, to virtually every spacecraft you can think off.

So im going to run a little poll a the end of the video. Im going to pick 3 of the things that I want to print and Id like your views on it.

The first is Curiosity, the Mars rover...

Our little friend landed on Mars in August 2012 - it was originally designed for a two-year mission but nearly 6 years little its still plowing up sending back data on the red we see all the various bits and bobs that make up the 3d print. The idea, of course, print them all out and assemble. If only it were that easy for NASA!

Next up is Cassini... I mean who doesn't love Cassini. when you look back at the years and years of stunning imagery it sent back to of Saturn and its moons it really does have a special place in many peoples hearts.

and Finally, how could I not think of this one, a Falcon Heavy. yes in just a few days time we will hopefully witness the launch of one of the most powerful rockets ever built so I thought in order to commemorate this historic moment I could print my very own Falcon heavy.

So what do you think? Which one deserves to be my inaugural 3d print. Please do take part in the poll and also leave your comments below. I will make another video in a few days to reveal just which one Ive gone for!

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