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3D Printed Fiber Optic Light Guide Laser Tests

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3D files coming Soon! This 3D Printed Optics Project I had created as a by-product of my research into 3D-Printed Microfluidics. The effect is very visually interesting and make for a good demonstration using my white light RGB composite laser which I created some time ago and fitted into a portable case with a 12V Li-ion battery as the power source.

Using 3D printed fiber optic light guides I can redirect laser light to show principles of internal refraction and how to demonstrate the concept of mirror symmetry represented through a reflection of light, seen by rotating the laser beam clockwise creates a corresponding counter-clockwise rotation in the reflection, demonstrating the principle of mirror symmetry.

For the test I used 3 versions of the 3d printed light guide:

(1)- a single unit cell
(2) a large block made of multiple unit cells
(3) a miniature block made of multiple unit cells

The white laser is made using a combination of red green and blue lasers focused into a single beam using a series of dichroic mirrors in an optical circuit. The entire setup is nested within a portable case with a 12V Li-ion power source and linked with multiple switches for both safety and individual laser control.

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