Why Has The Universe Not Yet Been Destroyed By A Catastrophic Accident Caused By Aliens Conducting Highly Advanced Physics Experiments?

The famous Drake equation and new data from a myriad of orbital observatories have shown us that planetary formation around stars is more the rule than the exception. Many billions of galaxies that have many hundreds of billions of stars make for a lot of real estate for life to spawn from. With highly advanced science comes the possibility of highly advanced screw-ups. Why hasn’t some advanced culture have a high-powered physics experiment gone bad, really bad?

Is a Universe destroying oops a possibility?

Here are some possible answers to that question:

  • Earth is the only planet in the universe that has life.
  • Earth is the only planet in the universe that has intelligent life with technology.
  • A catastrophic event has happened but it is so far away that its effects haven’t reached us yet.
  • Any sufficiently advanced species capable of such a thing is wise enough to avoid it.
  • The laws of physics do not allow for such a large mistake.

If well advanced enough technology may be indistinguishable from magic, probably the whole universe destruction would require proper magic. Distances are just too far, even the most energetic events known (hyper-novae, big black holes getting a lot of mass fast, etc) to man have limited damage.

A speculative scenario such as this puts on a magical scenario of “universal destruction” that just would not destroy the universe. Because whatever you do, its effects will spread at only the speed of light. so if it’s far enough, the effects would never reach us, or the universe that is beyond their visible one. Some extraterrestrials may already have had a physics experiment go terribly wrong millions of light years ago yet because of the vastness of interstellar space and the limits of the speed of light, this catastrophe has not reached our Milky Way as of yet. We may very well be living on borrowed time.

Anyway, It is far easier to do experiments destructive at the local scale than at global (galactic) one. Smart enough but irresponsible civilizations would have died long enough from local scale disasters.

Well, it’s entirely possible that an advanced civilization that is advanced enough to cause a universe-wide cataclysm created the conditions for our existence. Or, put in other words, the universe-wide catastrophe created conditions that allowed us to arise from its ashes. Which might explain why we are such latecomers to the Universal party.

If this idea is an interesting one to you. You might want to read a short story from Isaac Asimov called The Last Question

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