Why Do UFO’s Need Running Lights?

I always wondered why so many accounts of UFO’s included descriptions of lights on the outside of the crafts. What is the reason for lights on the outside of the UFO’s? Some intergalactic transport regulation? Just a nice light show for us beleaguered Earthicans? Has to have some significance. Some reason must exist for them.

If we hypothesize, that some UFOs are Extraterrestrial Vehicles (ETVs), I will give you my thoughts. It seems very unlikely, that ETVs need lights to avoid collisions with aeroplanes, or balloons, or drones. They can manoeuvre extremely fast and react in a split second, so they can avoid collisions, no matter if pilots see them or not. My gut feeling is that they want to be seen. But I doubt that the reality of it is that simple.

One of the non-sequitur’s with the UFO issue is that the discussion always ends up sounding like the script of a (bad) science fiction film. Why don’t the aliens just land on the White House lawn and announce themselves? Because, we are told, they are watching us and taking data. They want to keep their presence hidden so that it doesn’t affect our evolution. There is more, but you get the idea.

The problem, of course, is that any civilization with technology capable of spanning light-years ought to be able to hide well enough to avoid detection from hairy apes with jet-planes whose major past time is shooting each other in the face.

“Lights in the Sky” has been at the root of many UFO sightings. But why would alien spacecraft need lights? If they were really planning interstellar black-ops, then they should paint their spacecraft — you know — black and turn off the damn lights. Yes, of course, it might be their engines but a species crossing trillions of kilometres of empty space is not going to be using rockets. Hopefully, they have some other kind of “hyperdrive” or something cool. If so, they should be smart enough to stealth its exhaust (does hyperdrive have an exhaust?).

Remember the principle that when one observes an experiment, one changes the experiment’s outcome (observer effect). I cannot imagine that an observing intelligence would allow itself to be observed. While people may chortle at this reference, the “prime directive” (from Star Trek) is a reasonable value for an ethical intelligence to adopt in the course of exploration.


Why Do UFO’s Need Running Lights?

It makes little sense to me, but in no particular order the reasons could be:

(1) The result of their form of propulsion, either direct or indirect interaction with the environment. Lights on UFOs might well be a byproduct of an energy source rather than lights to see with.

(2) An identifying signature, akin to a call sign or tracker beacon. Each ship may have a different configuration of lights that identify it.

(3) A status display, akin to the flags naval ships use to indicate purpose or current activity. The alien equivalent of the DEFCON rating scale.

(4) Optical displacement, to hide their real physical position. Their version of holography or chaff.

(5) Deliberate attempt to be visible, especially if they have no radar signature.

(6) Cool lighting, akin to pimp my ride. Maybe it’s 420 in outer space too.

(7) Perhaps the light emitted by the ships…are not in a spectrum visible to them. So it goes unnoticed.

Would the putative aliens bother to hide frequencies they themselves couldn’t perceive? How would they measure what we can or can not see? How would they develop the masking technology, once they were here and discovered what our range of “visible” light is?

Out of the entire Electromagnetic Spectrum, we can only “see” 350-700nm light. Considering the range of the electromagnetic spectrum, isn’t it more likely that the “running light” of the UFO would be completely invisible to us? (Or perhaps, their “invisible” navigation technology produces light that’s actually visible to us? The probability of that seems low due to the range of the EMS)

(8) Mood, if the ‘craft’ were living creatures…an indicator of their state of mind as it were. Mood lighting.

(9) Lights on UFOs might be for communication. Perhaps subtle colour changes in colours are how they communicate, rather like cuttlefish seem to use colour to communicate. The alien version of chromatophores.

If I wanted to travel incognito at night in our airspace, I would simple re-arrange my lights to mirror the standard of all aircraft, e.g. red and green wing position flashes etc. Hiding in plain sight. Carl Sagan does a thoughtful and thorough job of explaining major problems with beliefs in alien visitation and abduction in the first half of his book “Demon-haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.” I would highly recommend it to be in any serious researchers library.

Please let me know what you think why UFO’s need running lights? No one knows so a healthy discussion will be advantageous. Leave a comment, have your opinion heard.

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