UFO Phenomena and Psychological Warfare

We live in a time of lies and half-truths all around us. Disinformation is the new normal.

We as a supposed free people deserve the truth. We are strong in character and can handle all that comes in our way.  There is no need to shield us from the proof about anything.  Be it the truth of the poisons they put in our foods, the constructed and orchestrated crashes of our economic systems, or either in the understanding of our true place in the Universe.

The real control structure of our populace is invisible to all but the most aware and astute individuals. It holds all the cards, prints all the money and controls all the media we see.  They literally download their agenda into our minds from cradle to grave. The control is subtle and not subtle at the same time. It all has to do with perspective.  Most people never question what they are told. Never ask the important questions that need to be asked. The dots are all there to connect. By controlling all the information we ingest they can control our perception of reality. They download into us from many diverse vectors our beliefs and expectations. Most people don’t even realize it since it has been happening since they were born, and since their parents and grandparents were born too.

It becomes normal to believe the consensus, or at least what they are told is the consensus on any subject. Most people get their beliefs from someone else never expending the mental energy to think for themselves, to question for themselves. They stare at the boob tube and listen to talking heads tell them the way things are. Never questioning that the talking heads are reading words from a teleprompter they themselves never wrote. The talking heads themselves are just repeating the words someone else wrote. Most people are like them just repeating talking points and unverified things as gospel fact. These people are what I call “Repeaters”. The powers-that-be want a whole population of semi-conscious, semi-educated repeaters just functional enough to run the machines and do their bidding.

By doing this to us they control the boxed view of the world we live in. They need to control us in our invisible jail for their own survival. We the people outnumber those people millions to one.  Their plan has been working exquisitely until now.

By denying the existence of the full grandeur and diversity that exists in the Universe they make us feel small and insignificant. The truth is that we are powerful. We have strengths and abilities that the powers-that-be do not want us to realize. In realizing our full potential we will know that we don’t need them. They would not be able to manipulate us to their ends. What all people with power fear is the loss of their power. Without us they are nothing.

Science is the great invention of humankind. It has given us the ability to survive, learn, and develop new things for the betterment of all mankind. We live longer and better now because of better science and medicine. Science is awesome. But science is not something that addresses all things. Science by design cannot accept or analyse things that are not readily available. Things that go beyond the normal experience is foreign to them. There are things that truly exist that is beyond or excluded by the scientific method.

Science is a viewpoint of reality, it is not reality itself.

Science does not accept the reality of ufos or Alien visitors to our world. Not its fault, it does not have the tools or temperament to do so. It answers different questions. Besides the fundamental disconnect between science and understanding of the UFO phenomena, there is more to it. It is a fact that most scientists by far work for organizations that are government funded. They must tow the accepted line of study or their grants would dry up and not renewed. The government holds the purse strings of the scientific community. The powers-that-be controls the governments around the world. Science will never advance in the study of the UFO phenomena until people that have a vested interest in keeping it quiet lose control of the purse strings.

We the people have the solution and that is a free Internet. All sorts of smoking gun evidence of alien visitation exist in real time.  Videos, images and eyewitness testimony abound. And yet no official disclosure.

This will never happen, our salvation must come from a grassroots movement. This movement has already begun. The fact that you are reading this proves that to be true. You are a pioneer of free thinking and a enlightened soul. In time there will be more and more of us until our mental collective freedom is achieved.

This is something we earn not something the government gives to us.

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