Why UFO / Extraterrestrial Disclosure Will Never Happen

There is no topic more controversial, misunderstood, and distorted in UFOlogy than that of governmental UFO Disclosure. Millions of people worldwide wait with baited breath.

It is the strongly held belief that many UFO true believers have that the U.S. Government knows more about aliens on Earth than they have officially admitted. A highly coordinated and sophisticated conspiracy of silence and plausible deniability that has been leaking through the veiled shadows of half-truths and deception for almost 80 years. Essentially a highly coordinated screw you to the citizens of this pale blue dot. The knowing suppression of the information that we are not alone in the Universe. Acknowledgement that the spark of life happened somewhere else besides here. Arguably this would be the greatest discovery of all time. A great many foundation stones would be changed at light speed in our collective accepted reality.

At least that is what is commonly believed…

YOU must use that four pound mass of grey matter in your skull. YOU must think about this. The true reality of the situation is not going to come to you from the myriad sources of uneducated adulterated fraudsters that claim to have all the answers to the UFO enigma. Social Media and TV personalities are not motivated by the quest for truth but are motivated by money and attention. On Facebook, for example, 98% of all UFO information posted is insane in the extreme. These absolutely pathetic click-baiters are absolute intellectual bottom feeders (you know who you are).

In a way, I am grateful to these intellectual Luddites. Without all the bat-shit crazy UFO information being spewed to the digital winds, I would never have created “The Angry UFOlogist”. I get so pissed off at what passes for UFO news these days.

I am a firm believer in other life in the Universe. My family and I had a daylight up close UFO sighting in the fall of 2012. All three of us witnessed a large black triangle UFO at no more than 50 meters away. Up to that moment, I was solely a sceptic of ufos. My eyes were gleefully opened to this extended reality. I and my family saw it with our own eyes. I have burned excessive clock cycles analyzing what I witnessed. I have no answer to what it was other than an unidentified flying object. My instinct and education in the sciences know that humans do not have that kind of technology. This thing was the size of small one-story house. It was moving slowly, maybe 5-10 kilometres/hr. It floated by. I say floated because that is what it did. We saw it up close for two maybe two and a half minutes. What was very obvious was that whatever it was it had Mass cancelling technology. Whoever or whatever made this was a master of the gravitational force. When it floated by its movement had slight perturbations caused by the wind on the highway where this occurred. There was a slight bouncy horizontal movement like a balloon would have if it was travelling horizontally. This slight wind had enough force to cause this bumpiness in its movement. It corresponded to the timing of the gusts of winds that happened. There is only one phenomenon that I know of that could cause this…it had a very low mass.

The LHC is the absolute pinnacle of particle physics research on the planet. Us primitive humans are by no stretch of imagination masters of gravity and its constituent components. I can say that with a high level of confidence. The absolutely brilliant men and women of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have just recently found through billions of dollars investment the elusive Higgs Boson. The Higgs Boson and its corresponding field is the conveyor of what creates mass in the Universe. Without the Higgs, all that would be is just exotic forms of energy. No matter at all. We are only able to glimpse the Higgs incidentally in nanosecond slices of time. We are just observers of the Higgs, We are not hands on at all. There is no governmental black project (that is so popular with the true believer crowd) that is more advanced than the LHC. No evidence exists anywhere that would support an advance particle understanding from some dark super high power top secret particle accelerator that was around 60 years ago, which is approximately the length of time some people believe that we have had this technology. True mastery of gravity is NOWHERE near us in the future. The jump from burning highly purified fossil fuels to controlling the fundamental forces of the Universe is more immense than most may realize. It would not surprise me if it takes us 1000 years of continual scientific advancement to get there… if ever. Oceans of theoretical and practical sciences must be crossed and mastered to create anything like what we witnessed that amazing afternoon. Many, many, credible witnesses have reported craft with similar flight characteristics.

The whole disclosure subject is assuredly more bizarre and infinitely stranger than what is popularly envisioned. To have the perspective to understand this there are a few important concepts to explore before we can have an accurate big picture view.

We have to contemplate the nature of a life form that has evolved on a completely separate planet. Even that statement is intellectually limiting. Life may be able to evolve on moons, nebula, or planets that are totally different in characteristics than our own pale blue dot. They may exist and function on different time scales then us based on the gravity that they evolved in. Special relativity makes for very strange bedfellows. It is possible that they could be here already just beyond our perceptual ability. There truly are more things in heaven and earth than is dreamed in our collective philosophy.

It is intellectual ignorance to think the genetic nucleotides A.G.C.T. are the only alphabet letters of life. Assuredly the letters, language, and syntax of life will be unknown to us. Truly alien. That is what would be expected by a creature that has a total independent evolution than our own. They are NOT going to be mutated form us, they are going to be wondrous and terrifying in their difference.

But that is not what we are seeing in UFOlogy. The overwhelming consensus of alien reports in the media and in first-hand accounts predominantly highlight humanoid type aliens. Aliens that are structurally similar to our construction is what is usually reported. They may be grey, blue, green, scaled, tall or short, but a humanoid nonetheless. If that is a reflection of reality it has serious terrifying overtones for all of us.

Consider that on our planet our human physical form is the same one that we share with the great apes. Humans and the other great apes only account for less than a dozen different types of species. We share the humanoid form with our closest primate brothers but that is essentially it. Interestingly Mother Earth has an estimated 8.7 million species with still up to 80% still to be found according to Nature magazine. So the percentage of life forms on Earth that are humanoid in form only accounts for 0.0000003793% of all known life. By any measure and consideration that is an impossibly small number. So the conclusion to draw here is that the humanoid form is exceedingly rare even on Earth. Logical conclusion.

So what really is the odds that an alien race would evolve on a different planet than us, find us in the vastness of space, in this sliver of time, and look anything like us? It would be a probability that so infinitesimally small that it would be in the ballpark of a googolplex raised to the power of a googolplex to one. That is a number a thousand orders of magnitude larger than the total amount of elementary particles (2.5 x 10^89) in the entire Universe. Just think about that for a moment.

At this point, we have to make an assumption. An assumption we are going to assume throughout this article. The assumption is that the humanoid reflection of alien reality visiting earth is the correct one.

Since parallel evolution is so unlikely to occur we have to then attempt to find the common thread that connects through oceans of improbability. There has to be a connection of some kind that connects us and them. One good hypothesis is that of Panspermia. The seeds of life arrived on the cosmic winds. Asteroids or comets seed the environment they pass. If we and aliens were seeded in this manner, and we have base genetic codes in common does not really guarantee any particular result. It took us from the earliest tide pools to what you see in the mirror in the morning approximately 4 billion years.

That general time frame would be required for the aliens as well if they are like us. That is an immense time for the divergence and specialization of life. There is no guarantee that even if the initial seed was the same that after 4 billion or so years of separate evolution a greatly different creature might evolve. This theory only holds for life in our galaxy anyway. There is no way asteroid or comets can span the intergalactic distances that would be required for cross galaxy seeding.

So the Panspermia theory is not likely to be the correct one if we and aliens look alike. If the cause of our similarity is not a passive one such as seeding we are forced to consider the only other possibility which is an active cause. This active cause may be the true heart of the reason for 80 years of silence. Something either made us or modified us.

We are the ultimate GMO. If this is true our human saga is not going to end well for us.

Everything we thought we were is a lie. Our life is not our own. Either by barnyard or laboratory intentions we are a product, not people. If this line of deduction is correct (I hope it is not) it fits a significant part of UFOlogy canon.

The well-documented phenomena of alien abductions fit in perfectly with the perspective of dealing with a product. The fact that they have not announced their intentions and have conducted their horrors in the shadows screams either hostility or indifference. Both will look the same to us. The only way that this would be beneficial for us is if they respected us as living beings. Very unlikely they would do that.  When was the last time you respected the inalienable rights of an insect? The stealthy nature of these silent thieves precludes the hope that these are the “Love and Light” kind of aliens popular in UFOlogy. Thieves work under the cover of darkness. Mutual dealing thrives in the honesty of the light of day.

It seems like they do not want to contaminate what we are doing down here, at least directly. Whatever we are or are doing as a culture is of interest to them. The hard fact is that they designed it be so. What is the purpose of the human commodity? Have unfortunate victims of alien abductions found out first hand? When considering the phenomena in an entirety there is NO end result that empowers us.

If the ET’s have communicated with the world governments and brought them up to speed on the situation we are in. Knowing that we are a product and not free people, can you blame them for the suppression. How can such hope robbing and mind-shattering bad news help people? It wouldn’t. It would be like dropping a neutron bomb on the planet. Just ponder the impact of such a revelation in the world, especially knowing we can’t-do anything about it at all. We are helpless. Helpless by design. It would destroy us. It would rob the hope from the scientific and the religious alike. A very large portion of our society believes in some form of God. Billions of people worldwide are of faith. A faith that exalts them with promises of nirvana and infinity. To fall from such a heralded height to the reality of being product would not be just damaging but devastating. When hope is lost all is lost… Billions would be gravely affected.

What this line of reasoning does not support are the UFO crash phenomena. Why would they just leave their crashed vessels or whatever they are? It is not logically consistent that they would leave the hardware. Why would they when they are so careful to conceal themselves all this time and live in the shadows. If you dropped your iPhone in an anthill would you not pick it up? Even if it had a cracked screen?

Remember that this grim prediction only comes to fruition if they are like us in form and function. It is this writers opinion that real alien life will conform to the more likely “Unknown and Unexpected” type. A life form we have not dreamed of.

I hope it looks like a nightmare with 7 legs, 100 eyes, and nothing in common with us.

If we look at the possibility that totally unexpected life forms have been visiting earth there may be nothing to disclose about it. The chance that any meaningful communication has ever occurred is infinitesimal, to say the least.  The government may have a recovered craft but the odds say that they have little chance of ever understanding it anytime soon. It would be like dropping a quantum computer into the bronze ages and having the expectation to make more of them.

The government does not have any special ET whisperer abilities. They would be deaf and dumb just like the rest of us when faced with true aliens trying to communicate. Governments have released UFO files all over the world. But still, no real information on who they are and why they are here is being released. That is because they don’t know. No one really knows. Credible and reliable support for the unknown alien type being the culprits. Which is good news for us?

I do not think by logical deduction that meaningful disclosure will never occur because either they don’t know or the truth is too horrific and harmful to our populace to ever see the light of day. Either way, true disclosure that is wanted by so many in UFOlogy most likely NEVER happen.

Why do the masses look towards the government for truth in anything? All of them are professional liars and will say whatever serves their best interest. It is the height of hubris to look to professional liars for the truth. Nobody believes anything they say now. Why would it be any different in this case? The turds in suits that we elect have nothing intelligent to say about the true nature of the visitors.

Disclosure has been imminent for over 60 years. No reason to think it will happen within the next thousand.

The real truth of the Universal pantheon of intelligences is not going to come from someone in a business suit… they will be wearing a white lab coat.

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