Is It True That The Apollo 11 Crew Saw Aliens On The Moon? Yes!

It is said that a 2 minute part was cut out of NASA’s feed where Armstrong describes alien objects by a crater. Is this true?

Yes… Armstrong and Aldrin absolutely saw aliens… They were the aliens.

I’ve never seen any verifiable reference that was reported by any of the MANY Thousands of journalists listening to the live broadcasts, by any of the crews on the signal relay stations in the various countries around the world, by any of the other nations listening in, or by any of the amateurs listening.

Don’t forget that the feedback to NASA was being carried by non-NASA (non-American) relay stations, and other nations were listening to the direct feed from the moon, so “cutting out two minutes” is not possible without thousands of people seeing it in real time directly from the real-time feed. ZERO reports in any reputable news source made any reference to two minutes of static. It did not happen. The particular snippet of the alleged 2 minutes of missing conversation comes from one book. I’ve never seen or heard any reference to it before the book came out.

If it did happen? Do you really, really think it wouldn’t be common knowledge?

If humans discovered an alien life form, that life form would be more famous than every athlete, movie star, head of state, whatever. It would certainly have been taught to you in school. The last lunar landing was in 1972. So if you are under 40 years old, then it would have been in your history and science books.

Since it isn’t common knowledge, it comes down to two possibilities:

There were no Aliens, someone made up the story you heard.


There was Aliens on the moon they decided to lie about it because?. They spent the last 40+ years keeping thousands of people quite about it, with no way to stop any of them from telling their spouses, kids, or whatever. Then every time NASA budget got cut they still kept the secret.

NASA would have had to know they were going to find the alien at least 3-5 years before they saw it so they could hire and train only people who could keep a secret. The American government who couldn’t even keep a secret to cover up President Bill Clinton getting a little oral action for a few weeks, Watergate was exposed, whistleblowers are constantly sharing documents, but for 40 years no one has betrayed the secret of alien life on the Moon.

In addition after 1972, they never went back to study or make contact with that life form, or if they did, they then covered up a second secret space program. This would be difficult because, you know, people can see the sky. So they stop people from talking about it by? This despite the fact that in the US, like many other countries there are a very scared hungry media that is constantly chasing stories to get people to watch. Yet nothing…

So I guess it comes down to which seems more likely to you.

Skepticism is not cynicism. Cynicism leads down the path to paranoia, and paranoia leads us to believe that ‘they’ are keeping ‘the truth about it’ (whatever ‘it’ is this time, be it the moon landing, the assassination of JFK, the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, sex after marriage) a secret from ‘us.’ Skepticism is the application of the idea “what explanation for this phenomenon requires the fewest ‘moving parts’ in order to completely explain the phenomenon?”

It’s essentially useless to argue these incidents with the UFO/Alien believer crowd. This has expanded to what amounts to a religion.  No evidence to the contrary will be considered. It will all be taken as part of the conspiracy to hide the “truth” from the public. Every statement by the government, by mainstream science. Will be taken as confirming the conspiracy.  This is the same mindset we see with the “anti-vax” crowd…. Ira Flatow from NPR’s Science Friday had a conversation with an anti-vaxxer who stated exactly this…. She would accept no evidence contrary to her views.  It was all lies from the government. You can’t argue with such people. All you can say is that there is no evidence whatever of any aliens, anywhere.  Ever.    Not a shred.

Now I know the Alien true believers are screaming….What about Dr Edgar Mitchell. He has made the rounds on the UFO TV shows and documentaries. Mitchell is an Apollo 14 hero, but that doesn’t give him any authority at all when it comes to flying saucers. And, of course, he still has ZERO evidence at all for his claims. There aren’t even blurry photos for this one.

Now just consider…for the fleetest second…

That he was making it all up to sell his 3 books he wrote (Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science, Understanding the Nature and Power of Consciousness, The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds, The Space Less Traveled: Straight Talk From Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell), or his foundation he created “The Institute of Noetic Sciences” . The term “Noetic Science” is one he made up. Adding a nonsense spirituality word to the word “science” does not make it sensible. Makes me personally sure that he either lost his mind or forgot what real science is about.  Wouldn’t be the first time someone sold out their principles for the almighty dollar.

Why do you think NASA/JPL let him tell this Alien tale of his? Because it’s insane and never happened. If it was a true conspiracy do you think he would be allowed to tell his story? Real whistleblowers get exiled and hunted by Interpol like Assange and Snowden. Those two are the real deal and how the authorities handled them is also the real deal. These little inconvenient truths should tell you volumes more than some show on Discovery channel. The truth is NOT going to come and be handed to you. You must search it out in a world of mainstream nonsense.

I firmly believe that life exists in the Universe. Of that, I am assured, not by belief but by the facts we have uncovered in Cosmology over the past twenty years. When we do eventually encounter ET it will be fascinating, and probably more terrifying than any new age Guru can imagine.

That is what myself and other scientists wait for… The truth.

Remember it is OK to change your mind when you encounter compelling evidence to the contrary. Keep an open mind but not so wide you let brain chiggers in.


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