Tom DeLonge’s UFO Announcement Which Wasn’t

This Tom DeLonge smells a lot like the illustrious Dr. Greer to me. Both made grandiose claims, drop names of people that are clueless as he is, and promised groundbreaking UFOlogical truth. DeLonge has promised now for an interminable amount of time to have Disclosure in his back pocket. Even so much to publish images of himself dressed like a man-in-black while flashing the CIA logo. Drops names like John Podesta. He’s mini-Greer without the Ph.D.’s. Greer claimed to have held meetings with high-level CIA operatives even the Director, which was publically proven to be false and defamatory.

So many people actually thought and believed DeLonge actually had evidence NOT that he was starting yet another research organization. One that is looking for $$$ and investors. Investing in bullshit seems like a bad investment instrument.

In 2015, DeLonge has been building a new media company called To The Stars to act as a platform for his otherworldly interests. Last year, he launched a multimedia franchise called Sekret Machines, which will next week release the first book in a series of three detailing his research on UFOs called Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War.  He’s selling stuff say it isn’t so. The truth real truth is FREE. Know how I know that. You ever been charged an entrance fee to get into a library?

Delonge released ZERO actually news about the UFO enigma. Funny enough now that his announcement has been made people still believe in him. Why? He lied and mislead you all. He was doing PR for his new $$$BUSINESS VENTURE$$$. He took us all for fools. It worked on the faction of UFO true believers that do not have a functional bullshit detector. So many people just have no clue it seems.

Some notable quotes from DeLonge:

“I want you all to know in the UFO community that whoever’s passionate about this kind of paradigm-shifting subject matter, I need you all to look really really closely at that announcement and I need you to be a part of it,” he said. “I want you as an educated group of people to read between the lines and look at the history of what I’ve been doing over the past couple years and get a sense for what the hell I’m getting ready to do. If you guys come along for the ride, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.”

“I’ll leave you with one thing: My job has only just begun on this subject matter and there’s some big shit planned and I’m excited about it. Just remember whatever happens in the civilian world, it’s game on.”

Get this screenshot..This screenshot from DeLonge’s Facebook page says it all. He claims to be building a spacecraft that can instantaneously jump anywhere in the Universe. Anyone with even the slightest modicum of physics knowledge knows just how powerfully insane that claim is, AND YOU CAN INVEST IN IT. There are a thousand tip-offs that this is just a money making scam, but this is a huge one. Praying on the scientifically illiterate is pathetic.

DeLonge recently received The 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Award at the 2017 International UFO Congress, which he never even bothered to show up to accept. No kidding. He received this alleged award before he actually did anything. It was all based on his fevered fans of his music. How astute… Not! That just shows you how desperate the masses of UFO enthusiasts are.

He’s a 1990’s-ish rocker not a scientist (educated person) or anyone that would or could have any inside information. How could he? Just like Greer he’s full of shit and looking for cash, no matter what he says to the contrary. If he had the information he made us all believe he was going to drop in his announcement that would have been awesome to actually get something substantial which would advance the cause of UFOlogy. Nope, he is a fraud and liar. He released NOTHING of what he promised and eluded too. But, the legions of true believers I am sure will still gargle his marbles at every chance. Sad. You may wonder why the true intelligentsia of this planet takes UFOlogy as an embarrassing joke. This is another prime example of why.

It is worth to go over what evidence actually is or would be in this field if any ever comes along.

I see an ever-increasing amount of people that actually believe that oodles of evidence exists to prove that extraterrestrials are here. They then go off on grandiosity rants of how can scientists be so stupid, fooled, duped, closed-minded NOT to see it. When pressed for links to white papers or research papers… silence…crickets. Then a whole bunch of nonsensical profanity directed at anyone that dares to make them actually think.

In this day and age of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, images and video is NOT evidence. Anecdotal evidence is NOT evidence. The only evidence that the scientific community will ever accept is biological material or metallurgy. That is it. Fuzzy videos and pictures are what they line their toilet with. I know there is something in our skies and our minds going on but there is no real evidence to prove it.

Some people just do not understand science in any measure at all. That is the problem. They never stood at lab tables all stained up with reactive dyes for hours or sat hunkered reading hundreds of books. They believe TV and the fraudsters they see. It is people like that that attack the scientific community. What they can’t internalize into their fevered worldview they blame on the nameless, faceless, government boogeymen. It is an easy out so they don’t have to think too hard or heaven forbids revise their beliefs in the presence of better contradictory evidence. You know how science does. You know the foundation of the scientific method! UFOlogy needs to have qualified scientists doing investigations if anything ever occurs that they can sink a spectrograph into. That will never happen until we get rid of all this blind faith nonsense and bring this whole field up to an adult level. 

The evidence is what it is all about. DeLonge ain’t it and has zero chance of ever finding it.

The Universe Has No Obligation To Make Sense To You

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