Steven Bassett Wants $$$ For UFO Disclosure

Most days I truly enjoy this field. I enjoy putting finger-to-keys and pondering our predicament. But, not today. There is a disturbance in the force. There is a new GoFundMe campaign which is looking for $50,000 to put towards UFO disclosure. This campaign is the brainchild of Steven Bassett and his Paradigm Research Group. Steven Bassett is the head cheerleader for the aptly named Disclosure Project.  In UFOlogy, if you scratch the surface of almost every big time fraud you will find Dr. Steven Greer. This is no exception.

Steven Bassett’s magnum opus was a little gathering called the Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure.  The Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure covered familiar ground, previously presented by Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project. The Citizen Hearing, held in the absence of a real Capitol Hill hearing—the White House responded to its petition by denying any extraterrestrial contact and politely referring the group to real searches for alien life, like SETI—was sponsored by the Paradigm Research Group who invited and paid ($20,000 each) a panel of five former members of Congress and a former senator to swear in and listen to testimony from witnesses on a government conspiracy to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life. Nice to know that the price to buy a senator/congressman is only $20,000.

There was a lot of chatter about crash sites and sightings—with most occurring in the 1950’s and 1960’s, deathbed confessions, and speculation as to why the U.S. government has withheld UFO documents from the public. But nothing substantive seems to have come out of this so-called hearing other than a film of the testimony, available for purchase for $99.00.

The Disclosure Project is a massive campaign to get true believers to pay money to Dr. Steven Greer, a former ER doctor who discovered you make way more money by bullshitting people than fixing them up medically. We shouldn’t fault Dr. Steven Greer, after all, he could not tell an obvious human fetus from an alien (whatever one looks like). He stated in his own words that the baby alien was cute. He held it in his arms and admired it.  The medical profession is better off without him.

They “demanded the truth”- meaning, to them, admissions that the government had withheld information. “There’s nothing to withhold” wasn’t acceptable to them – even if all the actual facts pointed to exactly that conclusion. “I saw lights in the sky” isn’t exactly “Here, this is an alien named Bob”. The “U” stands for “unidentified”, not “intelligent aliens”. If we knew it was intelligent aliens, it would be IAFOs. Even the saucer shape wasn’t invented until the mid 20th century – prior to that, “they” “came here” in cigar-shaped ships. If even the people claiming alien visitation can’t agree on the shape of the ships, why should anyone who’s even a bit skeptical accept anything they say?

There is absolutely no scientific approach to his ‘investigations’ and his ‘eyewitness reports’ are a joke. Watch the full 4 hour DVD series on youtube and keep in mind what I tell you:

(1) The interviews have been edited, they aren’t continuous.

(2) While I have no doubt the people in the interviews are telling what they perceived to be the truth, there is no actual evidence. Dr. Greer claims his organization has ‘obtained official documents to corroborate certain stories’, the website of the ‘Disclosure Project’ obviously forgot to put them online (while other documents are online, just not relevant ones).

3) Dr. Greer uses a very simple and old trick to con people into thinking he’s giving ‘lots of details’ while actually making it impossible for serious researchers to verify the claims. It goes like this: either you give an exact time frame but no location, or vice versa. The unwary viewer gets ‘lots of facts’ but to the researcher, they are useless.

4) And this is the most telling: the interviews themselves have been copyrighted. I don’t know a single instance where the actual testimony of an eyewitness has been copyrighted, that goes against the very basis of evidentiary research.

Disclosure indicates hiding. It’s unclear what has been hidden, by whom, why, and how? Especially “how.” I just do not believe that the government or any other body could hide evidence of extraterrestrial visits for an extended period of time. How many Edward Snowdens would it take to blow the cover up such a conspiracy? UFOs and ETs are different.

Now, these same people are asking for $50,000 to aid their battle against the forces of evil.

What a joke. What is the piddly amount of $50,000 going to do? Nothing! That amount would get you laughed out of the evil lobbyist guild. If you are going to launch a serious grass roots movement. You will need many boxcars full of cash. Consider a nationwide ad campaign. What he is attempting to do is similar. He needs to educate the masses to his truth. That means a lot of data transfer from him to the populace.  Getting any substantial information in front of the appropriate amount of people will be very expensive. If he is going for a tipping point in consciousness towards his beliefs. Hundreds of millions of dollars would be a small start. $50K is truly a laughable amount. $50K is a new car, it is not the spark of a world changing event.

Mr. Steven Bassett has been at this for over a decade-ish. What is he going to say now that he has not said in the past decade? What will be new and worthy of $50,000 of investor confidence? The answer to those questions is “Nothing”. He has made zero real progress of convincing anyone besides the legions of true believers, who really want to believe.

But it does not really matter anyway. UFO Disclosure will never happen as envisioned by so many true believers. UFOlogy has a fatal flaw in it that throws a huge monkey wrench into the whole field. No one knows where the aliens are from. No one knows anything beyond something is here.

Save your hard earned money and do not donate to this GoFundMe campaign.  It has zero chance of meeting the expectations of its true believer donors.

Truth, real truths do not have a price tag. They just are.

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