Scientifically Rational Rebuttals To Jacques Vallee’s Five Criteria Against The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Jaque Vallee – Grandfather of the “Interdimensional Hypothesis” solution.

In our vast mostly unknown Universe we are deaf and dumb. We use primitive senor organs and squishy biological minds to try to make sense of it all. Our mental neural network of supernovae detritus which we carry on our shoulders is woefully not up to the task of adequate comprehension. Our minds and brains in our little region of the Cosmos are the best and brightest we know of. Our spark of consciousness has been totally based on the Universe’s constituent parts that have become more than the totality of the meagre portions. We are the Universe attempting to understand itself.

Are there other expressions of Universal order that achieved consciousness? Are we the only life in the Universe? In my opinion and from my perspective I believe the Universe is teaming with life in all variations and organizations.

Is the root cause of all the UAP accounts off-world constructions from some alien shipyard? Is light speed truly just a suggestion that the Cosmos makes? Are creatures from a far-off planet or moon coming to Earth to visit us? Or is the root source of all this extraterrestrial business from farther off than most people are able to contemplate. Are these visitors from more exotic places than a 96 billion lightyear Hubble volume can accommodate? Are these visiting things from far off dimensions, time, or some other concept we can not even begin to fathom?

In UFOlogy there are two basic camps. The first camp is referred to as “The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis“. This group of people put zero credibility to any explanation of where the visitors come from other than a planet or moon. They take no other complex ideas into account. The lights in the sky are machines from alien construction yards and that is all. In camp number two it is referred to as the “High Strange or the Interdimensional Hypothesis“. This group of people have the perception and intellect to acknowledge that there is more to our Universe than we can see with our primitive eyes and constructions.  This group do not ignore the other seven spatial dimensions we know exist through our advanced maths. This group takes the very essence of what we are into consideration. Consciousness and perception. The “High Strange” group have a much grander view of what is possible in a very likely multidimensional multiverse. Dr Jaques Vallee gets the credit for being the grandfather emeritus of “The Interdimensional Hypothesis”.

Dr Jaques Vallée co-developed the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and worked at SRI International on the network information centre for the ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet. Vallée is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), first noted for a defence of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the interdimensional hypothesis.

Here are 5 points that Dr Vallee has stated is the major problem with the extraterrestrial hypothesis and what the sceptics say to debunk his ideas.

1.) 3 million landings per 20 years – we’d need only one probe to learn everything about a planet like Earth, so why so many?


A.) 3 million landings per every 20 years sounds preposterously large to me – where’s the evidence of this? I’ve only heard a handful of credible landing reports in my lifetime of interest in this subject.

B.) The assumption that only one species has visited the Earth is illogical: if one civilization has visited us, then interstellar spaceflight is practical to any life form significantly more advanced than us, so millions of species could be exploring the cosmos with both occupied and artificially intelligent devices – and indeed, we do see a wide variety of craft, so that fits the ETH.

C.) The presumption that one of our current probes could learn everything there is to know about our global ecosphere is ludicrous on its face; we’ve sent multiple probes to the barren wasteland of Mars and have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding it and the comparably primitive and evidently lifeless conditions there. The presence of a vibrant Earth-like biosphere would change that equation dramatically – it would take hundreds if not thousands of probes to learn everything that there is to know about; the Earth, the > 8 million species here, and we humans (who still haven’t figured ourselves out yet).

D.) The assumption of motive is totally naive: why would an alien species limit its interest in this planet to collecting data? They could be doing all kinds of things that we both can imagine, and can’t imagine. Like running experiments of a biological or a psychological nature.

2. ) UFOs “move through objects,” “pop in and out of existence,” “defy physical logic and quickly change direction like a holographic projection.”

Rebuttal: Let’s take these one at a time:

* “move through objects” – where’s the evidence of this? I’m aware of these objects moving through the sea, but so do submarines. I’ve never heard about a case of a UFO moving through a solid object. And if such a thing has been reported, then how can we be sure that it actually happened that way? An extremely fast-moving object could appear on the other side of a solid object (like a mountain) by going around it faster than we could see.

* “pop in and out of existence” – again, many of these devices exhibit lightning fast accelerations from a standstill. Ergo, they could also exhibit equally fast decelerations. An object doing either with sufficient speed would appear to “pop into and out of existence” to the naked eye. Also, we’re already developing and deploying various forms of cloaking & camouflage technology; a civilization that’s, say, a million years ahead of us technologically, would obviously have the ability to cloak and decloak virtually instantaneously.

* “defy physical logic and quickly change direction like a holographic projection” – first off, it’s simply wrong to say that these devices “defy physical logic.” We already have a theoretical concept for gravitational field propulsion (Alcubierre, 1994), that would explain pretty much –all- of the observed performance characteristics quite neatly. And in labs right now, physicists are learning how to engineer the quantum wavefunction of matter to create all kinds of novel effects that have never been achieved before – in time, our very understanding of what properties a “solid object” can exhibit, will change radically, and the capabilities of such devices would be incomprehensible to our current understanding of materials science. Rapid changes of direction are elegantly explained by the principle of gravitational field propulsion, where even extremely high accelerations produce zero g-forces on board the device generating such a field. Also, it’s quite possible that some of the sighting reports –do- involve holograms: holograms generated by extremely advanced interstellar devices (because we’re almost certainly not capable of generating holograms of that nature yet, which appear solid and emit light).

3.) They usually look like humans and breathe our air etc.

Rebuttal: The cases we know of that fit this description, like the Adamski case, usually turn out to be frauds. Those that aren’t frauds, could be psychological/perceptual manipulation of some kind using technology unknown to us. And of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that since Earth-like conditions are ubiquitous throughout the universe, some of those planets would yield similar evolutionary patterns that could produce bipedal primates like ourselves. There are evolutionary reasons that we have two forward-facing eyes, and stand upright, and have the size and body mass that we have, for example. Given a large enough sample size, some extraterrestrial life forms will resemble us, and of course, those are likely to take an interest in us because we’d belong to their own class of bipedal humanoid species.

4.) What are the abductions for? Thousands of cases all over the planet – what kind of experiment requires that much activity?” “And why is their [surgical] technique so primitive?

Rebuttal: Who says that abductions aren’t entirely psychological in nature? The evidence of abductions is even thinner than the evidence for UFO sightings – perhaps it’s just some kind of sleep paralysis nightmare. But even if they are real, then how the heck can we determine how many abductions would be required, if we don’t know the intention behind them? Consider this: we say that science has “mapped the human genome,” but in reality, every person possesses a unique complete genome, each with different strengths and weaknesses and idiosyncrasies and unique sets of mutations. If a race wanted to 100% understand the potentials and limitations of a species like ours, they’d quite possibly have to study every single man, woman, and child on the planet, because the same genetic profile never occurs twice. As far as their surgical techniques, who knows? Maybe there’s a psychological component to their program to gauge our fear and pain responses. Or maybe it’s easier to stick a needle into somebody to get a deep tissue sample, than any other method available. In any case, recovery seems to be complete in nearly every case, so gauging by “patient outcomes” they seem to be doing far better than our own hospital procedures, which frequently kill people (and sometimes kill them horribly).

5.) Why does it seem like they’ve always been here, and been described so differently throughout thousands of years of history?

Rebuttal: The fact that “they” have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years makes absolute sense if the cosmos is teeming with alien civilizations. In that case, most civilizations would be millions or more years ahead of us, so they could’ve been visiting us from the age of the dinosaurs or earlier, perhaps to observe the trajectory of our evolution. And of course, we would’ve described them in religious terms before science provided us with the notion of “flying machines” only about 100 years ago. Language evolves: today’s “antigravitational metallic spacecraft” would by necessity be described differently by, say, the ancients Greeks – they’d only have concepts like “a chariot of the gods” to describe a luminous aerial object manoeuvring in dramatic ways. Similarly, some uneducated peasant in feudal Europe might witness some glowing object lurching around against the background of stars as an “angel” or a “devil.”

Nobody’s saying that the ETH explains all anomalous sightings reports. It’s a big weird universe and we’re only beginning to map the terrain of possibilities for life, consciousness, energy, physics, biology, etc. So lots of freaky things are probably going on all over the place but with sufficient rarity that we haven’t understood them yet.

I am an experiencer myself and I know that the “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis” is just a part of the answer to this grand question. Some people believe that the “ETH” is the most logical and scientific approach to this quest for knowledge.  I do not follow that line of reasoning. My major issue with it is that it is just too simple of an explanation for what planet Earth is now experiencing. A definite high powered intelligence is involved and is involving our minds in this galactic telephone game. Consciousness is definitely an aspect that can not be ignored. How could consciousness be left out and not considered? Consciousness is something we construct it is not just there. The systems that construct our consciousness are flawed and almost entirely unknown to us. So it is the height of intellectual arrogance and intellectual dishonesty to not consider consciousness in this case. Consciousness needs to be considered in all other situations so why not this one. A new form of communicative synesthesia is apparently emerging before our collective eyes.  A new type of human. A new type of human consciousness.

Either if they come from a rocky planet like ours or the unknown realms of the occulted Universe may not really matter in the end.  Sufficiently advanced technology may look just like our most fevered dreams of hyperdimensionality. No one knows really where the Source originates from. In all things of importance and impact, the simplest solution is not necessarily the correct one. I feel this is the exact case we have here.

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