Science DOES NOT Tell You What You Think It Does.

As I sit here and ponder this I am perplexed. A perplexion that will not change.

We as a collective people have a gigantic blind spot. One that should be obvious to all in its implications and implementations into all parts of our lives. A true piece of occulted knowledge right in front of everyone’s eyes and intellects. This is so profoundly occulted that even the most intelligent don’t see it or choose not to. They may have glimmered the idea for a while but have ultimately forgotten it or refuse to discuss it. It has very substantial pressure to keep concealed. Both personally and societally. That pressure to occult has not changed for the bulk of the last 400 years. I can make this declaration of occultation by the absolute complete lack of information on this subject that has had any tangible effect on the world en-masse. This is the truly baffling part to me and I hope to any thinking person. Please remember that the universe has no obligation to make sense to you.

This occultation is not absolutely perfect there is a little clear spot. Some people (not many) have an intrinsic understanding of it but can’t articulate it sufficiently. The suffering of knowing. Even smaller is the group that can articulate and has throughout recent history. An effervescent level of understanding by the masses that faded out a long time ago. Some people understand this and have integrated it into their existence. But nobody listens to them seriously due to this pressure to conceal. The pressure is not even a conscious decision for people. It does not come from just one oppressive source. There is no THEM to blame. There is no political solution. This is something different. Completely different in origination. It makes the physical sciences concept of “uncertainty” weep.

This runs beyond philosophy, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, physics, systems theory, biology, earth science, space science, astronomy, and all the applied sciences. Everything you judge to be real. It affects our collective perspective of what is real and what is possible. By influence, it dictates the structure of our subjective and objective reality. It utterly decimates all the ultimate meanings of everything. Changes it to a hollow shell an empty vessel yearning to be filled by our most primal needs and personal “rosetta stone” iconography. It robs all of us of almost all possibilities to explore and learn. It is an asymptote that drives to infinity. It keeps the universe in a dank blurry misunderstood accurate understanding of quantities, coordinates, and magnitudes. When you miss a huge chunk of understanding this is what happens. This is beyond you, me and everyone. It transcends groups, clans, towns, cities, nation-states, continents, it is a planetary condition of blindness.

This should be required reading.

Science does not tell us dick about the Universe when you consider its unimaginable totality of unknowns. The level of understanding gathered by measuring quantities (quantitative) of fields, forces, and expressions of matter are infinitesimal in explanatory power. The very nucleus of the occultation is that the “Physical Sciences” works with a completely quantitative vocabulary and understanding. Where intrinsic natures and consciousness is a primarily qualitative phenomenon in the regards that it involves qualities not quantities of measurement. Think about the redness of your favorite shade of red, the smell of coffee, or the taste of candy apples. These consciousness experiences are essentially defined by these qualities that they involve. You just can not capture these qualities in the purely quantitative vocabulary of physical science.  You can’t capture in the vocabulary of neuroscience the redness of the red experience. So long as you are describing the brain and the mind in the purely quantitative vocabulary you will ALWAYS leave out these qualities and leave out essential aspects of consciousness and reality itself.

The International System of Units (abbreviated SI, from the French Système international d’unités) is the metric system used in science, industry, and medicine. Here are it’s 7 basic units of measure:

  • the kilogram (kg), for mass.
  • the second (s), for time.
  • the kelvin (K), for temperature.
  • the ampere (A), for electric current.
  • the mole (mol), for the amount of a substance.
  • the candela (cd), for luminous intensity.
  • the meter (m), for distance.

There are many more examples in each specific branch of the physical sciences but ALL OF THEM just measure quantity. I challenge you to find one that does not reduce down to measurement only. In this light, it is interesting to note that for example in physics, particle number is not, in general, an eigenvalue of states in quantum field theory. A defender of the reducibility principle might well take this as a sign that the intrinsic properties are quite different than the kinds of things studied by the Physical Sciences.

We should appeal to the phenomenology of consciousness itself as evidence that some things (such as me and YOU) have intrinsic properties. My current state of consciousness seems to be something that could exist even if I was the only thing in the universe. Its causal conditions are no doubt richly connected to a host of other things tracing back to the big bang, but in itself, it appears serenely independent of everything else. Therefore, there are at least some beings that are not ‘purely relational’ and therefore pure relationalism is false. But, comes the objection, relationalism could be true of matter. Not if I am a material thing, as I appear to be. Consciousness itself provides the best argument that there are intrinsic properties, and this is exactly why consciousness and intrinsic natures appear to be so occulted or even alien to the scientific picture of the world which it deals.

Nothing is more evident than the reality of feelings and experiences. We have to fit them into our overall theory of reality. If we one day have a theory that can account for all the data, observation, and experiment (Grand Unification Theory) but can’t account for the reality of feelings and experience then it cannot be true at least can not be complete. Any theory that wants to be a complete theory of reality is obliged to account for the realms of consciousness and intrinsic natures.


You may think how can all the above be true when science is so impressive in what it has brought us. We have climbed and clawed our way through the Bronze Age, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and now in the Information age, it seems all that more amazing. It has developed by understanding expressions on how to use those expressions very, very well. It put our machines on Mars and Moon. Has made synthetic hearts and limbs. Science is truly awesome. But you must understand its fundamental limitations. We are going through a phase of history where people are so blown away by the physical sciences and all the wonderful technology it produces. It transforms our lives and planet. They are so blown away by what they believe must be everything. They are inclined to think it is everything. We have finally found something that works they herald from the rooftops and the Science Channel. You want to put all your faith in this method that has been so wonderful and had positive progress in our time. So for something that does not fit in there they think it does not exist, it is sort of like wizard magic or manna. You are so absorbed by the idea that physical sciences give a full picture of reality that if something does not fit into that it can’t possibly be real. They are OBVIOUSLY wrong in that assumption.

The most likely reason why the physical sciences have been so successful is that it was designed to ignore consciousness and intrinsic natures. It was designed to remove consciousness outside its domain of inquiry. Galileo declared that mathematics was going to be the language of the new science. The new science called “Natural Philosophy” that we now call Physical Science was to have a purely quantitative vocabulary. Before the advent of natural science people thought that colors were on the surfaces of objects, smells were wafting through the air, tastes were found in foods. They are NOT. This posed a problem for Galileo, how can you capture qualities using mathematics. You can’t so he discarded it and the Natural Philosophy born in all its initial apparent separation. Allow 400 years for all this to stew and Scientism was born. Scientism is an ideology that promotes science as the only objective means by which society should determine normative and epistemological values.

SCIENTISM is the one religion I just proved WRONG.

It is a religion like all the others. It takes faith and misunderstanding for it to make sense. It is dangerous in different ways than other religions. It does share the commonality that they must be stopped and thrown away in favor of better descriptive and ultimately more encompassing hypotheses of reality. I am sorry but this is the reality on this planet. This huge blind spot makes the top scientists arrogant. It makes them roll their eyes when asked anything outside their very narrow wheelhouse of the physical sciences of measurement and quantities. The top scientists are not that bright to start with especially the ones you see on TV. Those talking heads of condescension and measurements have no understanding of all this because they are the ones most occulted by intelligence and shiny inventions. Not their fault their intellects are not sufficient to see this reality and give it any value. They are blinded the most and will be the most difficult to deprogram.

In time these truths will become self-evident to all. Then we as species can make some real progress and not just machines of war and destruction.

Knowledge is power.


Reason guides the smallest bit of man. The Universe Has No Obligation To Make Sense To You!

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