Scaffolding of Contact – A Few Quick Clarifications

The audience for this article is the Experiencer Community.

There is only one with many faces.

Dependant on the eyes and mind of the beholder creates what you experience. Spirits, Ghosts, N.H.I. (non-human intelligence), E.T.’s in shiny disk-shaped Sportsters are all perception, not atoms. Must try to understand that all you experience ever comes from your mind and how it filters and fills in the gaps of our imperfect cognition.

There is a VERY REAL phenomenon occurring right now.
When it pushes an influence on you, it is bigger than you are. It is more complex and occulted than you can imagine. That limitation means you do not see the whole picture at all. You can never see it as it was intended. Actually almost nothing of it. It can not lower itself to our level any more than we can elevate ourselves to its. The scattered fragments that you do see are used by your mind to create a complete picture. Call it “psychic immersive pareidolia” if you are of the scientific bent. Your mind loves complete pictures. Most of that picture is a reflection of your expectations (front-loaded or not) of what is possible. That is why the phenomena change over time because we change our expectations. In the past, you might have seen fairies, dryads, or whatever you believed possible at the time. That is why people see shiny crafts in the sky now, not because they just showed up but because that is what you expect to see in these situations of numinosity. All this is exactly why there is not a scrap of high sigma evidence at all ever found. You can’t sink a spectrograph into something that only exists in your theater of consciousness. Consciousness is King and utterly primary to us lowly primates.
If you fall into the very understandable trap of believing that any of the hundreds of publically stated aliens types are objectively real you have lost the plot. If you think that you can explore a Gray or be abducted by one, you have lost the plot. Terrifying events may occur but that is truly up to your preconscious and subconscious makeup. Some people may get angry at that statement because why would anyone want to be hurt and terrified. Good point, but another good point is that you have no idea at all how you will react in the face of the true powerful unknown. Some react badly and detrimental to their own well being. Until it happens you can not possibly know how you will react. There is no colloquial simile at all to this to base an objection on. Only they can delve into their own psyche and find out why. That is one of the tests if you are in that situation.

All this is intended for you to learn about YOURSELF, not them.

As you advance slowly through your chrysalis you will learn about the nature of the N.H.I. The divisions fall away and you become One.

You are your own key to immortality.