Roswell That Ends Well – Dr. Kevin Randle Man Of Character

A truly rare event has recently occurred in UFOlogy. I think a Leprechaun, a rabbit’s foot, and a four leaf clover just gave birth to a horseshoe. We have expectations that once in every billion years we should be able to detect a neutrino. But never, and I mean never could we have expected this.

In this world where it seems, that man’s inhumanity to man rules along with all the morals and scruples that follow such a disposition. People get polarized and stay polarized for life. Plasticity of thought is a withering characteristic. This is a time where the classic adage ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ has lost all meaning. People are so touchy and easily hurt. Words are the new sticks and stones. Thoughts proceed words. Thoughts have consequences and can take purchase. Sometimes thoughts and beliefs are wrong.

There has been a mutiny in UFOlogy, in regards to the Roswell Incident.

Just picture a bunch of nerds beating the hell out of each other with their pocket protectors and fake lightsabers. Not really, but something even more unexpected has occurred around the black mailbox. One of the grand masters of the “Roswell Incident” is Dr Kevin Randle. He has done the unforgivable. He publicly stated that he believes that the Roswell Incident is better explained by the prosaic then by proclaiming aliens.

Blogger Robert Sheaffer wrote in his blog:

“I asked Randle, if he no longer thinks that the Roswell incident was extraterrestrial, what does he think it was? He said he really doesn’t know. It wasn’t E.T., but it wasn’t a Mogul balloon, either. Randle then launched into a critique of skeptics being unskeptical because they insist that the debris found was from the once-secret Mogul spy balloon project, when the evidence supposedly proves that it was not. Thus skeptics are, he says, as illogical as the ET believers.”

Randle is not the first to regain his senses in all this Roswell stuff, UFO researcher Curt Collins posted the following information to Facebook:

“Roswell Incident” co-author William Moore bailed out in 1997… I wish to advise anyone who might be interested that I no longer am of the opinion that the extraterrestrial explanation is the best explanation for this event.”

Saucer Smear newsletter, Aug. 5, 1997

I have always thought Roswell was a waste of time. It is a gigantic “Hail Mary” pass that stretches across the minds of the true believers.  The odds that a civilization sent a spaceship to Earth and then to have it crash is quite extraordinary. Extraordinarily unlikely.

I commend Dr Kevin Randle for his “mea culpa”. He spent 30+ years researching the Roswell Incident. He authored books about it and spoke at innumerable conferences, podcasts, and radio programs. It takes a big person to admit when they were wrong. To change one’s mind in light of new evidence is a virtue, not an issue. Imagine spending your whole life dedicated to a cause and then one day openly admitting you were wrong. I have respected him for what he has accomplished in the past, now I respect him for the content of his character. In the sciences, these things happen more often than in other pursuits. It is part of the scientific method and one of its great strengths, self-correction.

I quote Gordon Bonnet, host of the blog called ‘Skeptophilia’:

“If the truth (my conclusions based ONLY on the evidence), turns out to be different than I thought it was, then my viewpoint on the subject MUST alter/change to reflect this, that is the skeptic’s code”.

This reminds me of much of the sceptical wisdom that I gained from Kevin Randle’s writing in some of his books.

I do agree that Kevin has, in effect, shot himself in one foot at least, and is now in a sort of suspended, neutral, position of being neither pro or con. This is quite a turnaround from his previous books which were all very much pro-ET. He may lose a few friends because of this, but that is a risk one takes in ufological debates. Karl Pflock did a partial turnaround with his two books, his second repudiating much of his first. Bill Moore seems to have recanted long ago. Is there anyone left (Stan Friedman or David Rudiak maybe?) who can revive this Roswell ET corpse, or is it time to finally cremate it?

Let’s now move along…

Can this please be the end of all this Roswell business. Let’s chalk it up to being an unknowable unknown. If there is agreement that Roswell doesn’t involve a crashed spacecraft or pickled aliens, does the incident warrant much further attention? This has gone from a Cosmic Watergate to 1940s balloon identification. If it was Mogul, we have misidentified sky trash. If it’s not Mogul, we have someone else’s misidentified trash. There’s not much to be gained by either side in winning this debate.

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