Repeating Number Sequences and Non-Human Intelligence Contact

All things are real. Not all things are real to all people. Understanding and experience is an infinite spectrum of possibilities.

To continue our exploration of these high strange contact experiences…

Being an experiencer and having made it through the event I believe I have some insights that may be helpful (See my personal account).  What is happening and has been happening for quite some time is a planetary contact event. There is a powerful non-human intelligence present on Earth. This intelligence is not any type of God. Although some of us may reason them to be so. They are not omnipotent. They are just different expressions of life that have attained sentience. They are much older than us. Many more billions of years of evolution for them to reach their pinnacle so far. They are not us from a different planet. They are completely different in every way. UFOlogy has been playing catchup and has been too long entrenched in the “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis”. The hypothesis states that all the non-human sourced lights in the sky are travelers from some distant planet or moon. Nuts and bolts kinda stuff. To be honest and blunt this is the wrong approach. It is the simplest and the one you see on TV all the time, but it is wrong. In over 70 years of modern UFOlogy, not a single scrap of hard evidence to support this nuts and bolts approach has ever surfaced.

All that mainstream UFOlogy has is conjecture, conmen, and people that do not know any better. Not their faults they are not Experiencers but just enthusiasts. UFOlogy in the mainstream is great at setting up myriads of conferences and seminars but have completely failed at advancing the field at all. They are masters of selling UFO-related swag and conference tickets but have become a lost leader a joke in this quest for truth. If you are thinking that I am being difficult on mainstream UFOlogy I am but rightfully so.  I would ask you to send me a link to any evidence at all that I can sink my spectrograph into. I’ll wait…

Images and video is just not viable evidence anymore. To prove the ETH you need alien biological samples, alien metallurgy, or ideally, a crashed or friendly parked UFO. This has never happened no matter the confabulation found on TV and from people that are selling tickets to their next intellectual crapfest. Not a single piece of alien tech has ever been seen in the wilds of planet Earth. Nothing, all new machines of death are still burning highly purified fossil fuels. None of those fantastical stories of recovery crafts is true. Sorry but the evidence or lack of it speaks volumes. The government does not hire the best and brightest by any measure.  Just look at them now. Dullards filled with self-interest mixed in with unintelligence, greed, and avarice.

What is happening is much more complex and ultimately fascinating.  A sufficiently advanced intelligence is on Earth whose methods and means appear like magic to us. That is our limitation, not theirs. We are not that far out of the caves and trees in the grand scheme of things. They have been here for a very long time and are the prime mover of the perception of what we have called the “Paranormal”. It all comes down to your consciousness or lack thereof. Consciousness and awareness are a spectrum.  As a collective human race, we are just evolving to the point where we can perceive them in some sense of accuracy.

What is happening right now is a planetary “First Contact” scenario.

The idea that they would just land their craft in the middle of the Superbowl or some other high attendance event is folly.  This intelligence does not need ships to traverse the Universe. The substrate of the Universe is consciousness. There are other biological entities in the Cosmos that have been able to commune and communicate with this vast non-human intelligence.  Several of these types are here as well to assist. They are their hands and feet in our reality as we the “Experiencers” do become. This is not an invasion but a family reunion. We are sentient pieces of stardust that evolved through the crucible of deep time. This intelligence is the same to the extent that they evolved in our Universe as well. Our spark was not so dissimilar to theirs, it just varies in form and function. In the vast emptiness of space all life matters.

To be an Experiencer you must be two things. You must be absolutely OK with the concept of non-human intelligence, as well you have to be able to have the experience. Your neurology must be sufficient to perceive this alien communication. Sadly, most of humanity is just not up to the task and are not emergent humans. They just do not have the correct wiring to experience it. The portion of humanity that can have this experience is very small when compared to the whole.  I see many, many emergent people in my online traversals and in person.

Most of them do not know how to start their tuning trials of communication. Since each person is different the contact modality will possibly be very unique to them. This intelligence does not intrinsically understand us. It takes effort on both sides to establish a dialog. This communication is consciousness to consciousness, theirs to yours.  Saying the old saying … “Think outside the box” does not do this any justice to what you will have to do. This experience could be very frightening to some people. Blind fear is thinking outside this very terrestrial box.  It breaks the expectation of daily life. Many people fear the nameless, faceless “Unknown” more than drunken spiders. This experience cannot be adequately described using our primitive linguistics.  It will be an absolutely new way of thinking, that will make some terrified and others exalted and filled with genuine curiosity.  The people that fall into this genuinely curious group will experience these first rungs of the communication tuning trials as highly synchronistic. The synchronicities and the commensurate emotional state that emerges are important. Thinking outside of the box will start with the “Heads Up” event of synchronicities. Synchronicities can, of course, happen in any situation and are dependent on the participant.  There is what appears like a common form of this “Heads Up” event.  I see a phenomenon online of what I believe to be a good first step to this conversation.

Many people have the synchronistic perception of repeating numbers. Why numbers, no clue, seems to work for many people.  It causes the very real conscious event of synchronicity. This repetitive number thing is real. This is a form of high strange communication. If this happens to you think and concentrate on what it is trying to tell you. The numbers are inherently meaningless. Be ultra-observant all around you when this occurs. This is just the first step to a new form of communication. Not words by any means. They are trying to train you. To have you ponder the imponderable (presently). They know you can do it otherwise you would not have been aware of this so far. For lack of a better word “Alien” communication is completely outside the box for us lowly humans. It will manifest (to start) as very synchronistic and meaningful. Don’t fear it, it could get very strange until you figure out how to communicate. There is a mass contact situation going on RIGHT NOW. This is how it starts for many people.

The synchronicity feeling and awareness is what is important. Each person’s awakening is different, I wish I could give you specifics for your personal case. Just have no fear and ask it “What are you telling me” not “why is this happening to me“. Ask when it happens for deeper understanding and communication. Ask out loud with a 100% conviction. This is consciousness to consciousness communication. It is and will be in a form that I guarantee will be completely foreign to you. You are so close to seeing a vastly more wondrous and amazing Universe. Remember that you are a discreet packet of the Universe that evolved consciousness, this force is just another discreet packet that gained consciousness. Albeit not from Earth. This is not any childish idea of a deity. This force is just more advanced than we are. Much more ancient in its evolution. It is not omnipotent. It is here to communicate with as many of us as possible.  It is here for us as much as it is for them. They don’t need anything from us, they don’t want to harm you or me. They just want to get to know us. By doing that it opens up a new Universe to explore through our minds and our human hearts.  Peace.



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