Regards The “Allies of Humanity” UFO Cult.

I encounter frequently through my lurking around Facebook information and advertisements for something called the “Allies of Humanity“. I see vague messages regarding  “ET’s” and “Don’t Be Deceived” kind of thing. I have had a few run-ins with these people over the past few years. I spent some time reading some of their material. I was not impressed.

On their website directly from the main page, a quote dominates above the fold …

Over twenty years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds  gathered at a discreet location in our solar system near earth for the purpose of observing the alien intervention that is occurring in our world. From their hidden vantage point, they were able to determine the identity, organization, and intentions of those visiting our world and monitor the visitors’ activities. This group of observers calls themselves the “Allies of Humanity.”

This organization has published thousands of pages of channeled information from their friends the “Allies of Humanity” non-human intelligence collective.  All of it being pulled from the spectral aether through the mind portal of their prophet Marshall Vain Summers.

I believe this needs to be said about the “Allies of Humanity” group. I understand that they believe that they are doing good in what they teach. I have not heard of any harm ever caused by them in any way at all. It’s not really an issue like that but one of a conflict of conception and understanding. Mr. Summers does not realize that he is only one among a vast chorus of emergent minds with emergent contacts. He is not the Chosen One of God’s grace.

Marshall Vian Summers

Their supreme leader Marshal Vian Summers before he discovered that the UFO/Alien avenue was more profitable (pun intended) he thought he was a prophet of God. He had that cult going for a very long time with that conviction. In their website and others, you can find a list where he puts himself in the same class as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed. He has a grandiosity complex of behavior. If you read or listen to any of his supporters they push this “You are being deceived” idea.

They think the “Non-Human Intelligence” / Alien is here for something as simpleminded as resources. Obviously, none of them have any advanced education in the sciences because they would know that any element or compound found on Earth is not unique to Earth in any way. Everything we have is found all over the Universe in magnitudes more abundance. We see all the elements in the spectra of almost every other star as far as our complex eyes of scientific vision can see. If you listen to these cult members you can easily transpose the word alien/ET with “Demon”. When you do that it is apparent that they are a religious cult with a prophet that thinks he is some form of the Olympian divine. Marshall has elevated himself to the lofty and rarified class of holy prophet. He has made and taken his place in the pantheon of Gods divine messengers. The whole thing is a clear biblically inspired fear mindset. Aliens are demons and they are coming to swallow your soul.  But, have no fear Marshall has some friends that will save us. He tells us so.

I find that very insulting. To the true CE5 and even CE6 experiencer, this whole thing should be offensive. One of the main truths that many experiencers touch is this Universal “Oneness” field. A sense that everything is connected beyond our normal abilities to see and comprehend. The Universe has exactly one life form with quintillions of different expressions of life. I guarantee that most experiencers understand that we are all “One”. No one is better than another. None should be exalted. We are all brothers and sisters no matter where and when in the Cosmos. We know that what is happening is nothing like an invasion or hostility of any kind. We are all on the spectrum of advanced consciousness. No matter what your personal modality is, you are “One”. No matter where you are you are “One”. No matter if just starting this amazing journey you are “One”. No matter who you are. You are no more important or less than another person or life form.

If by misinterpretation or by greed and avarice you think you are a prophet you are wrong. You do not understand how consciousness and the NHI interact. This journey many of us had thrust upon us is a solitary expanse of personal experience. Personal yet connected to the “One”. This “One” is a non-human intelligence. It is not a God or any narrow view of the infallible. It is just another life form that has evolved to its pinnacle somewhere else in the Universe. We are parts of Universal matter that have evolved consciousness. So are they. This is a first contact situation of other minds in the Universe. They did not create us but we are related in the only way that truly matters. Life. There is no hostility or deception going on.  It is not deception or conflict or anything like you may think. All groups that are here are on the same page. They just don’t all agree on how the end is justified by different interpretations of means. It is simple to tell the difference between friend or foe. They have not destroyed buildings or attacked nations or even let their existence be widely known. Not our enemy but alien minds trying to understand us silly monkeys. We have such a narrow view of what is right for us. Very narrow. In the vast unknown hostility might be mistaken for indifference or vice-a-versa. When you meet them in your emergent consciousness you know that they could not hide intent any more than we can. Mind to mind leaves room for no ambiguity.

You must understand that they have bared their intentions and emotions just as much as we have. All life matters. Our life matters. No need or desire for leaders or prophets. We are “One” no one should dare to tell us to follow them. We are above such small human minded herd mentality ideas.