Is There Any Possibility That Aliens Are Living On Earth Like Humans?

That’s highly unlikely, but it is also an unfalsifiable hypothesis.  See: Unfalsifiability

In the current state of UFOlogy there are many people that believe that myriads of aliens live among us. Some even go as far as believing that there are in excess of 60 different alien species coming and going to and from Earth. Aliens are apparently so gifted to adapt to our form or they look just like us against oceans of evolutionary improbability.

Some of the extremists in this already extreme demographic of people believe that reptilian humanoid aliens rule the world. Shape shifting their way into our governments and ruling bodies. There are even stories of aliens going to Las Vegas and going on gambling benders. This extremest segment of UFOlogy are running solely on belief and not on any verifiable evidence of any kind. If any of these extremists wanted to know the reality of this they could directly trace these beliefs back to mentally ill con-men selling books and conference tickets. $SELLING$ their version of reality for a profit. The grand daddy bullshit artist (David Icke) of all these con-men once believed he was Jesus Christ and would only wear the color fuchsia for years. Those inconvenient truths are overlooked and their lunacy is readily believed by some of the UFO true believers.

If the rest of us, the thinking and reasoning types are to believe in the plausibility that there are aliens disguised as humans living among us. Then we need a key ingredient that is currently completely absent: credible evidence.  We’ll also need a means of testing this credible evidence. Without credible evidence, there’s nothing to test. So, the conversation remains in philosophical limbo. We can engage in exploratory speculation as to how it might be that aliens are disguised as humans and living among us, but we’re going to be trapped in that realm for a very long time, an infinite loop.

It depends more on what you call a alien on earth. A few years back, astrophysicists were entertaining the idea that there is a chance that our evolution on planet earth might not be native. But as we inhibited the planet and using it as our own, we call it our planet.

But to determine what is a alien life, you need a base line. The first question to be asked is, How do you know its alien?

Apart from Hollywood’s crazy visualization of Extraterrestrial life, We really don’t know a key to separate earthlings from aliens. And we are still discovering different kinds of life form every day, deep inside earth or under the blue big ocean.

Now, it’s not hopeless, there is a tell. Biochemistry. With our planets mineral collection and our evolution of life, everything we found so far on planet earth is a Carbon based life form.

Now if suddenly, we find a life form that isn’t carbon based, there is a possibility that its not from earth. But we don’t know for sure. We haven’t encounter a non-carbon based life form yet.

Think about it carefully. In your whole lifetime, you went to a hospital at least once. May be for vaccination, for a blood test or may be for a dressing. Apart from a few places on earth where they don’t have access to a hospital, every human went to a hospital at least once in their lifetime. Someone would’ve noticed if there is a different kind of life form rather then human in them.

It has been estimated that we have 8.7 million species on Earth with the vast majority yet undiscovered. Strangely every single life form that we have discovered so far is in fact a single life form, us included.  Never a variance, we are all versions of one thing. From the smallest protozoa to the blue whale…all life is more alike then dislike…genetically. Hell, we share over half our genes with a banana.

Plus, we are living on the information age. A report from PWC the worlds largest data analytics agency suggested that 75% people living on planet earth is at least photographed once in their lifetime. We have billions of video in the internet, from cats sleeping, assassination attempts, countless CCTV videos feeds, to rocket launches. Someone, somewhere would have noticed. There should have been at least one video with credible evidence that there are aliens in planet earth. All we have is crazy conspiracy hypothesis with extreme exaggeration and distortion of the truth. Some of these poor people even claimed that Earth is flat and that the moon doesn’t exist, its a hologram didn’t you know! Severe credibility problems is just the start to the laundry list of what is wrong here.

But, lets play along with the idea that advanced aliens can put on a human suit, or shape shift, and blend in so close to us that no one can tell…ever. So for aliens to be living among us the following things need to be true.

  • Intelligent life needs to exist elsewhere. (Recent cosmological discoveries essentially guarantees this point)
  • Intelligent life needs to have learnt of our existence.
  • Intelligent life needs to have overcome our limited understanding of relativity or have set out to contact us with a long term plan Ex. travel for hundreds of years to meet us.
  • The aliens would need to either look just like us or be able to impersonate very accurately.

For them to choose to travel all this way and invest in so much to stay clandestine they would need a bloody good reason. The old argumentative chestnut of worrying that we are too violent doesn’t cut it. Their technology could wipe up out easily, so we are zero threat to them. Sociological experiment? Who knows?

How could we identify them without them directly telling us?

You wouldn’t really be able to identify them if you ran into them other than the way they would speak to you. Intellectual communication, telepathy, can be done easily but verbal translation is more difficult. A major obstacle is human vs alien views toward God for example.

To them, the concept of eternity and the finite are fully comprehended, an absolute certainty. So they would ask why do you have churches?  How can it be that you don’t know you are finite? Why do you believe you’re not supposed to eventually die and not exist? How can you experience a sense of urgency to get quality things done in your life, with your life, if you think you will exist eternal?

It really is the case that you would be communicating with someone from a near completely opposite viewpoint than what we are trained to think/believe. That’s about the only way you’ll figure them out without them telling you. The difference in perspective on things would be a good tell.

So for this to be a genuine possibility we have to contend with a few very, very low probability situations. For aliens to have infiltrated us in a clandestine fashion, we would have to assume they followed some ethnographic interest in studying us which is at best anthropomorphic projection.

The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent. If we can come to terms with this indifference then our existence as a species can have genuine meaning. However vast the darkness we must supply our own light. Our fate as a species is in our hands and no others. Whether we parish or flourish is up to us. It really can not be any other way.

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