Phenomenology Considerations

Conventional scientific understanding is awesome. Awesome to solve so many things. So many problems solved or currently unsolved have\has derived its answers to the scientific method. The scientific method is powerful but is only a valuable tool. There is no tool that works in all situations at all times.

Scientists at least the vast majority think the scientific method is an ultimate swiss army knife.  A panacea for all unsolved woes. We can’t blame ourselves for this narrow worldview. It has been the best humanity has to offer so far.

It is not a true multifunction tool. Science can dissect and analyze the physical world in fantastic detail. The really big to the super small is no problem for our cutting-edge devices. Science makes one gigantic logic error or at least a grave omission. When you think about it the scientific method makes no distinction or awareness between the phenomena and the source of it. They are two different and distinct constructs. When we reflect upon how the phenomenal character of experience is, and try to “turn inwards” to describe the nature of the experience itself, the best way to do this is to describe the objects of experience and how they seem to us. It seems a simple matter to move to the further claim that the way these objects actually are is part of what determines the phenomenal character of an experience.


YOU can NEVER know or understand a phenomenon you can just know how it expresses itself.  What a phenomenon actually is NOT inferable in any form, all you can ever know is how it expresses itself. That is a very important distinction and something that needs to be understood.

Think about this for a minute…

Dark Matter:

Effect:  Mysterious gravitational force. Not directly observable.

Cause:  Unknown.

Dark Energy:

Effect: Universal expansion is increasing in speed.

Cause: Unknown.


Effect: Apparition, Visual and Auditory.

Cause: Unknown


Effect: You can see things. The polar antonym of dark.

Cause: Photons?

That word (photon) is actually meaningless. Do you think that word takes into account what a photon actually is? A photon travels at the speed of light. Meaning that the instant a photon is emitted from a star anywhere in the Universe it is immediately absorbed in its destination in zero time. Billions of light years are traversed instantaneously. From a photons point of view (reference frame) it does not experience the dimension we call time. The photon whatever it actually exists in a slice of the Universe that does not have the time dimension. That is scientific fact. You can thank Mr Albert Einstein for that most awesome abstraction we call “special relativity”.

Interesting that science has very little patience for serious discussions of the higher dimensions even though the bedrock of modern science is based on a phenomenon that exists in different dimensions than us. Strange isn’t it… But that is fodder for another article.

In every case, if science observes an effect it can only make an educated guess at the cause. This absolute uncertainty is a distance that can never be crossed by the scientific method or any of our physical constructions past, present, or future can ever do. 

If anything is ever agreed to be an accurate cause explanation it is judged by consensus to be true not by actually knowing the true answer.  That is its ultimate power and its greatest weakness all rolled into one.  This works to create all the amazing technology you are utilizing at this very moment.

It can not and never will be able to assess or have anything valid to add to issues of consciousness. Most if not all of the evolved life forms in the Universe fits this assertion. Science strives to know the structure and physical substance of this 4D reality.  But that is all that it ever can. It will never acknowledge the dimensions and aspects its machines cannot quantify or perceive.

Perception is what it is all about.

We perceive the Universe to the best of our abilities. Our machine constructions can ever best hope for is to perceive a subset of what we as living consciousness can. No machine construction of ours can ever best hope to surpass us in perceptual cognition. If you think they can in any way, think again. I refer to the totality of our consciousness.

Even if we do develop a functional analogue to our intelligence using robotics and artificial intelligence, it will not be a reconstruction of us but a new alien intelligence. As different from us as would an alien race from a billion light years away would be.

Never forget what we are has been forged in the kiln of deep time. Every living thing is the end result of an unfathomable long line of winners. Your direct and distant unbroken chain of genetics has conquered all the diversity and cataclysms the third rock from our sun could throw at us over billions of years. The strong and adaptable survivors have attained through immense time and adversity the amazing brain and consciousness came to be. We all have the right stuff. We have attained a thousand high water marks. We have survived and we will survive. We are the ultimate cognitive achievement in our little side of the Universe, or are we? Our super small, super young segment of the Cosmos we are the new kids on the block. The new minds on the block.

All life today is precious. How could it not be knowing all that? We and all life are all winners at this trial of life. Our genetics proves that long unbroken chain of causality and compromise. We humans are not inspired but driven. We struggle, we suffer, we die. At least we think we do. Humans still have not comprehended the absolute absurdity in our idea of primate causality. Quantum Mechanics has an inkling of this truth.

This causality is one of our major ingrained issues. It serves us well in our small limited colloquial existence.  From the time we crawled out of the tide pools our ancient ancestors have had to deal with linear causality. This understanding of causality makes us strong in a 4D sense. Our machines are great in breadth and function. Great tools but not so great in understanding the Universe, actually zero cognition. It takes effort and intellect, not servos and circuits.

We must unlearn a lot of our Earth-based biases if we ever hope as a species to survive.

The Universe has NO obligation to make sense to YOU.


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