Open Letter To Mainstream UFOlogy

Note: Language Warning

Do you people really think the government actually gives one shit about aliens? Look around the world. You are seeing things that do not really exist when you look at the government.

Aliens do not even make the top 50 things they are worried about. For fuck, sake stop watching that friggin ancient aliens nonsense. All of you actually think you have figured out something that just fucking slipped by 100’s of trained scientists, duh oops we missed that alien culture. Oh, fuck! Sorry, we missed evidence of reptilian overlords. Well… Fuck!

Stop spending hours watching TV and youtube videos of patent idiocy. You people are going to have a stroke.

They have NEVER captured a crashed UFO sorry to tell you. They know UFO’s exist. But and this is where reality branches off from you. Unidentified Flying Object actually means UNIDENTIFIED. Sorry but obviously you need this spelled out.

Ok, you have this gigantic monolithic entity that is the USA government. Millions of people working in all capacities to fuck us deeper every day. That TTSA nonsense was a 20 million dollar think tank. They probably had a similar think tank to see if potatoes are psychic. Not kidding. 20 million dollars is nothing to them. I have done those things before.

Those few people do not in any way represent THE GOVERNMENT.

Seen some Tom DeLonge statement of maybe they got more money above the 20 Million pittance. He suggested somewhere like 200 million extra was eventually allocated. For that TTSA pet project to allegedly get a 10X budget increase. Some seriously significant evidence would have had been discovered? Don’t you think they would have lead with that instead of claiming to be building a starship? The video of that tic-tac-full-crap video is not unique. They could have 100’s if not thousands of them. That was just a lazy Wednesday or something. Listen to the brief conversation again knowing they know generally what it is but not knowing actually any details of what it is. Now those pilots (allegedly) seem to like fame and $$$. Not really surprising is it. They could get a cameo on TV. Look you all in the eye and just lie, lie, lie to all of YOU in the face.

Message to Tom De Longe and his band of Halfwit Conmen.

You had access to nothing secret at all as you claim. You need a security clearance to clean the toilets where you worked. What you really did was learn the pop-sci impact, the impact on society, impact on voters of how we see all this stuff, and to provide a possible insight into foreign avionic advancements. THAT IS ALL.

You studied the people you chose to ultimately to fuck over.

You were not studying alien tech, you were looking at all the same pictures and videos we all do. Obviously, at some point, you have seen these wing cam videos knew they looked weird and easy to get your hands on. Since you conmen are stupid you did not know what you were looking at. That would have been part of all of it.

I want people to ask what was the final report that you submitted as justification for the whole project to your managers. You don’t think FOIA could get that being that it is not classified in any way at all.

Your days of suckering perfectly decent but gullible people are coming to an end.

This tic-tac-patty-whack stuff is just as ridiculous. What you have seen was one of those black projects you all get wet dreams over. Navy has no need to know. They just fly around listlessly and stare at each other. They know its not a fucking alien. Just you numbnuts don’t.

By the way, the heat signature on that drone looked weird and duller than it should because of this new version of stealth they are working on. Shhhhhhhhh!. What can be concluded is that they have come one step closer to making wonder woman’s inviso-plane. To obscure heat, light, EM in general like that to the best detection systems in our birds in multiple spectra is HUGE. Now add being able to do that at speed 50,000 feet up and wow just wow. This is like a small start in essentially force fields (not really but close enough). This is where trillions have gone to obviously. Don’t you think this came from aliens I will find you and slap you! Almost like the navy was inadvertently testing the technology for them. Oh, snap! All that is actually really happening you have distorted into absurdum. Chill the fuck out. There is an alien presence here but this ain’t it.


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