Blankness. Deep Time and Carbon Reactions.



Blankness. Deep Time and Carbon Reactions.

At the root of all inequalities between men, of all injustices or lack of freedom, there is the true difference, of which all others originate: the degree of inner responsibility. Being, understanding, fate is the same thing. The human being is your understanding. Human beings belong to different levels of understanding. This is the real inequality between them. An inequality not unlike the spider is to Malathion. Even looking alike, among humans, there are huge differences, distances of light-years on the path towards integrity. As among the species in various stages of evolution, these stages in being related to evolutionary eras often immeasurably distant among themselves.

But then, all the claims of human beings, their noblest statements and the struggles, wars, and revolutions made in the name of freedom and justice? They were in vain and left everything as it was already! Wars, revolutions and any other attempt to give human beings equality, justice, freedom, peace failed, because they were based on the belief that there was a malevolent to fight, that there were external obstacles to be eliminated. Wealth, privileges, and social disparity are just an effect, the reflection of a much deeper difference. It’s the being, in our breath, in our feeling that everything happens. The level of our being attracts our lives. Humanity, as it is, needs evil!

A common human being can hear themselves only by pain. To feel alive needs the suffering of the antagonist of time. As long as this condition endures, the pain and all that human beings call injustice will be the only engine in the world and the only way to push it towards the higher states of being.

Do not believe in changes; you will be as you are and not another. So the kings of the earth will be kings forever. The slaves will serve. There is no one who should be demoted or high. Everything is always the way it was. Yet there are masks that are my servers, it may be that beggar over there is a king. A King can choose his robes as he pleases, there is no exact test, but a beggar can’t hide his poverty.

Reason guides the smallest bit of man. The Universe Has No Obligation To Make Sense To You!


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