What Human Ability May Appear As A Superpower To An Alien Species?

In Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars (Barsoom (Mars) books). Because of the difference between Earth and Mar’s gravity. John Carter (the galactic protagonist) has the super-martian strength and the ability to jump great distances. What else might appear to be a superpower among other alien species?

What I think might happen realistically, is that in some distant future when we are so technologically advanced that we become galactic explorers, we will eventually bump into a less advanced society, say one that hasn’t discovered electricity, or general relativity yet. To them, we might appear to be some sort of Super-people.

Picture this…

Our space suits are so advanced that they look like spandex all over the place, yet they are bulletproof, probably have self-propulsion, and nanotechnology will be so advanced that the suit itself will most likely be a computer capable of adjusting to atmospheric condition, do calculations for you, detect impending danger, and even defend itself by means of some weapon, most likely a laser that will heat things to a bursting point in a matter of milliseconds, or design and disperse murderous nanobots suited exactly for the nastiness at hand. This suit will also be an exoskeleton that will provide you with added strength; you’ll be able to lift really massive things.

To this alien race, we’d be like gods, or superheroes, depending on how superstitious they are. What we do with this advanced power will decide what side of the good/evil paradigm we appear to be on.

Any species capable of either interacting or understanding us could not be too different from us. No matter how infinitesimally small of a chance that is ever to happen. Almost every cosmologist knows that the vast differences in all the possible wellsprings of life in the Universe guarantee that the alien life we encounter will not be a mutated form of us, but be totally different. Alien in every sense of the word. So we must suspend disbelief and for the sake of argument assume we find a similar but less advanced species.

If you think about it, what made humans, humans, is the fact that we walk straight and that we have hands and fingers to make tools. Walking on two legs allowed us to use our hands to hunt, to throw rocks, to build bows, to run and shoot arrows at the same time. Also, walking on two legs made our babies useless, which also created a strong bond between generations. This granted us an advantage to survive, and also gave us the chance to have a lot of knowledge passed down from our elders.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that any alien race more interesting than a rat, or clever enough to attack something else with a kind of weapon, whether that be a laser or a rock, probably has limbs that it doesn’t need to walk on and propel itself; arms and hands. It might as well be a kind of centaur, but I doubt it since I’m not sure under what circumstances nature would favour this design,  which would require more brain power and energy.

The point is, if we are considering that this alien race might see us, interact with us, and think we have some sort of super ability, it sounds to me like they are sentient, like in the example above is actually picturing the aliens going,  “Wow, John, you’re like a superhero”.

If such is the case, then I say this alien race has very similar traits to humans, because otherwise, I don’t see evolution pushing them towards this we have built. Considering this, if they are pretty similar to us then I can’t think of many super powers we might have compared to them besides:

  • Strength given gravity/Body built.
  • Ability to withstand a lot of atmospheric pressure, compared to them.
  • Maybe stronger and regenerative bones
  • Better vision, more wavelengths?
  • And just for wishful thinking, let’s say a healing factor, compared to them.
  • Resistance to some Earthly elements that might be poisonous to them simply because they aren’t used to it. Oxygen is actually very corrosive.

Now in the much more likely event of meeting a completely different kind of life form. One so different but not too different to still be able to perceive us. The possibilities of our super being status increase exponentially. Anything not thought of or beyond their cognitive ability could be seen as magic or superpowers.

It is a natural urge to start with a base of the five base senses of humanity and add things on from there. But what if one of those senses was as exotic to an alien species as telepathy is to us? What if light based vision was counted as an esoteric superpower? Another example might be the ability to see in colour. Not all creatures do. This nuance may allow us to see greater detail. What if empathy or blood clotting was astounding to them. Hostility and aggression may be unknown to them. All the things and accomplishments of killing someone for their possessions, power, or prestige may seem magical in its ability to change dynamics.


One of our esoteric superpowers is the ability to work with high negativity. No other ET species in any universe (and there are billions of universes) has ever been able to work with negativity. We destroyed ourselves several times in the process (possibly as Atlantis and Lemuria) but we finally passed the marker in 1987 known as the “Harmonic Convergence” and will never destroy ourselves again.

As the “Explorer Race” (how we’re known) we will take small bits of negativity to our ET “uncles and aunts” first in the Federation of 200+ planets and they will spread it through the universe. It will be small bits of negativity—.02% to 2% maximum. This will get them moving again, as they have stagnated at about 5.3–5.4 focus for millions of years. We’ll do this by introducing simple games that have winners and losers—none have those concepts.

Maybe that would not be a superpower but a serious reason to quarantine our kind.

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