FUN FACT: on UFO Disclosure

The audience for this article is the Experiencer Community.

Just by the nature of how this intelligence works, it is in control. It must express itself for our co-creation aspect to fire. This fires on top of our normal prosaic day-to-day co-creation that we have evolved to navigate this dirtball in all it’s perceptual clarity. It bleeds into your five senses and much more. This overlap causes the high strange. It is the prime mover in all this. It must be active to be perceived. That FACT of behavior means explicitly that we can not control it. We, being defined as You, me, and the GOVERNMENT. All are eunuchs in that regard.

The government can wave its hands in the air forever trying to summon it in ultimate futility and nothing would happen. It just does not work in a parallel way like that. I am sure the governments and ruling bodies through the ages knew of this phenomenon for millennia. It has been highly explored in ancient texts and interpreted with ever-increasing complexity through the ages. So yeah they know about it but can’t control it, can’t reverse engineer it, can’t. Just can’t. Time has driven it into the shadows of absurdum and forgotten a long time ago to be any current colloquial consideration.

Do you understand they have nothing at all to Disclose? Reality just does not function at the level of common denominator monkey logic. Sorry. So please drop all this government discloser shit. It is starting to get embarrassing.

The reality that you will find is more amazing and more complex and defies every expectation of freedom. It’s an old Universe it still has a few tricks up its sleeve for you. Just friggin stop watching Youtube videos and attending AlienCons. Go and have fun at those things but just realize its just ComicCon with antennae. 

All those people are talking about modalities as if they are what you would consider being “objectively real”. It is real to them don’t get me wrong. But there is a distinct disparity. A disparity caused by their lack of cognition. I can hardly blame most of them. If you truly care about discovering the truth heed these words.