You Find A Crashed Alien Space Craft Filled With Advanced Technologies. What Should You Do With It?

Here lies humankind.  Cause of death –  Curiosity

One day you are out exploring the vast untouched wilderness of the Canadian north-west. Trees for as far as the eyes can see. Miles upon countless miles of virgin forest. You are inspired by the clean air and unspoiled nature. You are hiking on land untouched by human hands or feet. Your mind wanders as the breeze blows. You are utterly alone with your thoughts. As you walk in primal bliss…slowly the sounds of nature recede. Unnoticeable at first. The sounds of the birds, crickets, and woodpeckers evaporate into utter silence. Even the cool breeze you took for granted is a no-show. You wonder when did it get silent. Was it you?

Off through a slight opening in the trees, you see something shiny. A glint of sunlight in an otherwise pastel living backdrop. You approach and the shiny increases. You know no one else has ever set foot this deep in the uncharted forest. Is that a soda can? A piece of snack wrapper from some adventurous litterer. What is it?

You approach closer. You feel a trickle of sweat down the small of you back. Your mind is playing tricks on you. You get closer and closer…it’s not a soda can. Pupils dilate, pulse quickens, adrenaline gushes into your system. Your brain recoils in disbelief. Half buried in the soft undergrowth is what looks like a classic UFO. A la George Pal in “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers”. You half expect to see Klatu milling around. Nothing moves. All you can hear is your pounding heartbeat. You kick into discovery mode. It looks old. It has been here a very long time judging by the forest overgrowth. Silver-ish in color. The only explanation is that this is a genuine alien aircraft. You feverishly take your GPS coordinates.

Should you spirit the craft away in your barn in the woods, garage in the meat-packing district, or abandoned subway station. One of the three. Take care to prevent being followed! Prepare to live paranoid. No men in black yet…that is a good sign.

Being science-minded you consider the idea of something like this crashing in the first place. Paradox!

You understand the only option any alien race would have for travel through the unfathomably enormous distances and durations of space-time.  To get here with any hope of doing whatever it is you might posit they intend to do they would have to bend space-time.

Ok. So they are folding space and unfolding at their will to travel without any relativistic side effects and without, as such, taking any time to do it. They are essentially popping into existence at will. I know what they are not doing – they’re not flying around in our atmosphere like aircraft. They are not accidentally losing control “in the air” and crashing down in a forest-like infant-superman. Their ships don’t have “wings”, they don’t hover over farmhouses, probe your ass, kill your cows, fly in formation, or dart through the sky in any way. I would go so far as to say they can be invisible to any spectrum at will. If anything happened they could just pop back instantly home.

Above all else, they don’t crash. They have complete control over what they do. Why? Because all the capabilities I describe above are side effects of being able to fold space at will. The notion of crashing and the notion of bending space-time are incompatible. So something else is afoot.

Now what?

Call a lawyer.  Preferably one that is skilled in the law of salvage? Under maritime and aviation law, you may be able to get legal title to whatever is on the alien spacecraft, including intellectual property.  This could be extremely valuable. With the help of the lawyer, find reliable witnesses. With them watching, document it in every possible, non-intrusive way — still pictures, audio, and video recordings. Have them provide sworn affidavits as to its existence — this in case someone takes it away from you. Store an encrypted copy of the documentation someplace safe that is nowhere near you.

Could It Be Dangerous?

The technologies contained inside the ship easily has the potential to push humanity into a post-scarcity existence.

Scientists have confirmed that microbes from Earth survived the decontamination process on Earth, survived orbit, and then survived reentry because they were recovered after all that. So your crashed alien ship definitely has alien life on it, of the single-celled variety. Should you touch the thing? But it’s already been sitting on the ground, so anything it’s got has already contaminated the area. Therefore, the human race’s top experts on the dangers of infectious disease should be told about the unprecedented ground zero that just appeared. If anything exotic is found…you should probably take a minute to set your affairs in order because you’re gonna be quarantined indefinitely.

Your mind rushes to a sea of dollar signs. This thing could hold a copy of the Encyclopedia Galactica. Untold technological advances could be yours.

Imagine you are one of the brightest minds in Victorian England. A nuclear submarine is transported back in time – so obviously you start messing around to find what makes it tick. You extract the control rods/drums from the nuclear reactor. You just exposed an active highly radioactive core. No more London –  because no one knew about radioactivity back then. It gets worse if we are talking about invasion grade nano grey goo,  or terra-forming goo,  or Cthulu forbid something like a Kerr black hole energy storage.  And that’s just stuff we already know it’s possible. The only place you should experiment with alien technology is past the orbit of Pluto,  on an airless rock wired to the biggest, worst bomb you can imagine and rigged to go off if something as much as twitches. Oh, and the rock should be on an escape trajectory from the solar system. But, that would be the smart thing to do, we humans rarely do the smart thing.

But it can be clearly and unmistakably identified as an alien craft, it does at least prove that we are not alone in the universe, which is an enormously important insight in itself. Your task should be, not to use or reverse-engineer the ship, but to make its very existence known.

Document it in every way possible before going public with your discovery. Photographs, films, reliable witnesses, etc. It is inevitable that the authorities will snatch the wreck as soon as they learn about it, but make sure they will never be able to put a lid on the story and pretend the whole thing never happened. They may not even try, despite the whole Roswell mythology about how the government will “always” suppress evidence of ET, but with a discovery of this magnitude, you shouldn’t take any chances. The authorities will try to study and reverse-engineer the ship, but as noted, this is almost certainly a futile pursuit. In any case, it is a job best left to the greatest scientists that can be found, not something you should attempt on your own.

What You Should Really Do.

Start by anonymously sharing very basic information about it with possible media outlets, scientists, and businesses. Be careful to maintain your anonymity, and do not mention aliens. Grab a digital camera and start taking as many detailed pictures as you can, ensure all of your pictures are in RAW and JPEG. Ensure that your pictures contain landmarks as well as evidence of the crash site itself there can be no question surrounding either the authenticity or providence of these pictures. Now you have 2 choices. Upload them all, RAW and JPEG, to somewhere they will be disseminated quickly and won’t be able to easily be taken down or removed by fraudulent DMCA notices (perhaps Reddit), or encrypt them and find a way to get them along with a written statement to some reputable journalist before the US Government shows up on your doorstep and you disappear (a la Edward Snowden).

Get feedback from all of those sources to figure out what your options are and who seems to be willing to interact with you in a safe way.

Then, it depends on whether you can separate any part of the craft to show the technology to people to get additional feedback and a sense for where a bigger reveal might land you. If you can’t, then share information carefully. Also, have an online lockbox with evidence and some kind of tracker on the craft that will provide information to your friends. So that in case someone kidnaps you or something else happens, you have some leverage or chance of being saved.

Or… If that’s too complicated, you could do some research on what researchers at a big university would be interested in and able to analyze unknown technology. And then very publicly take it to that university and tell everyone along the way to get a lot of attention, and so that there are a ton of cell phone videos and postings on the net. That way, too many people know about it for an easy cover-up.

If you don’t do these simple things…Beg for your life. Seriously. Start begging. You aren’t begging to the aliens. You are begging to the very nice men and women who are about to show up in the SUVs with tinted windows. They WILL take it from you. They will take any photos or other evidence that you try and keep.  And lastly, they will take you.

If you are lucky you will undergo days of interrogation while being in quarantine and to liven up your days it will be interspersed with vigorous invasive medical testing.

After all that your choices are slim. 6-foot hole. 8 by 10 cell. Comfy padded room. Best case scenario, nondisclosure agreement, and release. Worst case scenario your body turns up in a ditch the victim of an apparent suicide.

You have to be smart about all this. Your life will never be the same. It is completely up to you if it will be a long and fruitful life or not.

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