Entertainment or Serious Business – What Is UFOlogy To You?

Merriam-Webster states that UFOlogy is the study of unidentified flying objects. It is also and arguably the study of very diverse, very interesting people. A subsection of science and pop culture is the mire we call UFOlogy. The term “unidentified flying objects” can not be more nebulous in breadth and causality. So many idiotic frauds, clickbait campaigns, and disinformation to ingest in so little time. There is no oversight or realistically any common sense in the field. At least, not very much of it abounds.

By no obvious fault of their own, most people gather the majority of their UFO information from TV and movies.  That is very unfortunate since both those mediums are entertainment, not education.

Where is your head at? What do YOU think? How can one wrap their central sulcus around all this? How can one separate the signal from the noise? It comes down to one question and one question only.

That question is “Are you interested in UFOlogy to be entertained or do you care what is actually true?” Do not confuse the two, they are completely different beasts.

I understand that most people take UFOlogy in the same bag as ghosts, cryptozoology, and urban legends. It deserves better. UFOlogy is not like the other subjects. The base phenomena that make up UFOlogy is a real one. An important one. It is more than just 30 or 60 minute TV shows. It is more than unthinking profit based organizations that currently rule the field.  It is real and paradigm shaking. At least it has the potential to do so.

I am not guessing as I happen to know that something is going on. I have seen it.  I do not do drugs and have a highly detailed job that requires analytic abilities. I have spent many, many clock cycles thinking about what I and my family have seen. I came up empty. It was and is a mystery. But it is something, not nothing. I make no claims to have any insight into the source of the UFO/UAP enigma. We have a universe of possibilities to consider.

When I ponder the unknowns and try to comprehend the incomprehensible I know one thing. That is that the current incarnation of what we call UFOlogy is wrong. There are some great researchers out there digging through government archives looking for that elusive smoking gun. I am not talking about those people because they are all about the facts. I refer to the vast majority that does not take the field seriously.

The people that take this field as just another movie, TV show, or video game. I understand that some people do not know better. Maybe, they never have had a high strange encounter to kick up their seriousness up a notch. Maybe they have never looked up at the stars and seen the centre of the Milky Way. Maybe their vision of reality is just what they can see with their own eyes. Maybe the beautiful, bizarre, and amazing grandness of the Universe and our little place in it are never considered. Either hindered by arcane bronze age religions or just plain disinterest fuels these people. Who knows?

The people that are interested in UFOlogy just for entertainment is the problem. They really are. It can be entertaining and deeply satisfying to ponder these things. With the eyes seeing only the spectrum of truth and logic.  But yet again this is not what I refer to. The stupefaction of UFOlogy, the gamification of UFOlogy,  idiocracy reigns.

If you are one of those people that are just in it to be entertained you must realize you are at grave risk of being a disinformation agent. When you have this mindset your guard is down. You can and will believe anything. Why not, people disengage from reality in movies, TV, and literature all the time. That part of your brain that can smell bullshit is in deep Alpha.  Having your brain in this headspace, you can and more often than not believe or at least tolerate provable lies.

Give it 60 years. Shake well and what comes out is what we have today. A steaming pile of implausible lies, frauds, and fraudsters. You get people that believe the ridiculous nonsense. You get thousands and thousands of people using zero critical thinking. They like the nonsense. They find the flavour of nonsense that most closely matches their emotional needs. They turn it into a religion, one with a Jesus that is 3 feet tall, has big almond-shaped eyes, and has a liking for violent, invasive colonoscopies.

As soon as you suspend disbelief you become a disinformation agent. Kind of a reverse mole. These people spread the frauds as if they were real. Hooking in new victims to the stupefaction of UFOlogy. UFOlogy needs a reboot. We need to scrap it all. From the 60’s and the contactee movement forward it has been a vessel for faeces.  People decided they could make money off people’s gullibilities and need to believe in something. There is NO truth to be purchased here just frauds and lies. Truth in anything is not for sale, it just is.

For UFOlogy to be accepted by the vast majority of people we have to lose all the bullshit. We must focus on exposing the frauds and fraudsters to clear the field. We must all question the true believers at every turn. Make them think about why and how they believe what they believe. Most will just look at you with that famous 1000 yard stare, but some will think about it and revise their belief systems in the presence to better more encompassing evidence. Those people are our future hope. Not the people that think Nibiru is real even though no one knows where it is in the sky. Not the people that think Adamski, Sitchen, and Billy Meier were anything but con men. Not the people that follow Dr Steven Greer. These people are not helping UFOLogy but gravely hindering it. Makes the field look stupid, not only look stupid but truly be stupid.

We have to get the rest of the planet on board with all this. We need to interest the majority of the scientific community in this field. That is never going to happen until we clip all the dead insane wood on the tree of UFOlogy. If we can get the scientific community on board the rest will follow.

To me, this field is serious business. It means more to me than entertainment. It could be so much more than it is today. I hope it means serious business to you as well. Together we can bring the stars home.

Never support a known hoax or hoaxer. Do not believe what you are told is the truth. Research for yourself.  Now go out and smack a flat-earther, Meier-ite, or Sitchen-head with a huge roundhouse of logic. They will thank you for it later…

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