Emergent Form of Synesthesia – Non-Human Intelligence Contact

In my life, I am a scientist, husband, and father. I have lived my life by a strict moral code of decency and compassion.  I have spent most of life studying various disciplines of science. I found my passion in life early when I was introduced to the study of Physics.  I always and still do value logic and reason. But what happens when your experience in life would not be easily described by the toolbox of logic and reason.  At least by consensus colloquial understanding. If what follows did not happen to me directly I would have had a difficult time believing it.

I am in no way providing this as evidence of anything.

In my life, prior to this, I had 2 other high strange experiences. When I was about 5 or 6 years old I met a creature of light in my yard. I do not remember much about the interaction except feeling all-encompassing love. In 2012 I had a daytime close up encounter with a triangular-shaped craft. It was only at most a 100 meters away at a height of about 50 meters. It floated by me on a desolate highway just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba close to “Birds Hill Park” running parallel to the floodway.

But what happened last summer takes the cake.

In early May 2017 at this time I was rallying my Facebook group for a peaceful protest against all the blatant and provable frauds in modern ufology. I had a couple of hundred people ready to proceed when one of my posts to the group outlined my plan to flood the ufo groups for a day in protest. In the last message, I said that I wish to endeavor to contact some high powered minds to observe and take notes. I was thinking at the time of some high powered academics that I know.

That night it all started. I can’t dismiss the fact that expressed interest in getting help from high powered minds, I got it in spades what I asked for. Some of the NHI training and messages involved some of the information I posted online. Could have been read by me directly or online … no way to be sure.

A day or so before this I filled out a survey that one of my facebook friends posted. It was like 30 questions… were you ever in an ambulance? What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie or TV show? Those kinds of questions. I guess it was the poster’s intent to get to know other people. This list will be relevant later.

On the night of May 3rd, 2017 my wife and son went to bed around 9:00 pm.  Work and school loomed heavy. The house was silent. Just me and the cat. I was watching Comcast digital TV when the synchronicities (communication) started in full force. Over time of flipping the channels, I started to notice all my favorite shows and movies were on.  Weird. If I was ever to design my ultimate lineup of movies and TV this would have been it. I thought that was weird  This was bizarre but at the time it was nothing. I started to watch an old TV show I love and I started to see new scenes that I have never seen before. Some of the plotlines were even different. I started to question my memories of a show I have seen at least 20 times.  This happened over and over again. I started to get concerned. There is no way that I could have misremembered something I loved so dearly.

It was at this time I started to notice what looked like a slight halo effect around some of the people in what I was watching. It sort of detached them from the background ever so slightly to be noticeable. It was not on everything but only select people and objects. I can only describe it as how the first attempt of bluescreen effects on TV. It looked good but not quite. It looked like a 3D overlay kind of thing. It was an ephemeral effect that words do no justice to.  This was the first time that I perceived them directly. During that first night, I was in and out of the house a few times taking things out of the house to the garage. It was a beautiful night. At least 6 times as I entered the living room I heard on the TV, “he’s back”. “Good to have you back”, etc. The first few times was just noticed but no meaning was given.  After that I noticed. That was unnerving. I sat down on the couch in front of the TV and I distinctly felt my brainstem vibrating. The portion that sticks through the foramen magnum was shaking. This bottom portion of the brain seemed like it did a fast vibration. It was intermittent and strong. I changed the channel a few times to another one of my favorites that just happened to be on. Same thing there new dialog and situations. How could this be? Was I losing my mind? Nope. Was the slight halo effect the side effects of some kind of real-time gaslight technology? I, unfortunately, read quite a bit and read all about the subculture of targetted individuals. I thought I was an unwitting participant in some sort of beta test of this invasive technology. The proverbial them was messing with me. Those first few days the mindset was that I was being messed within some sort of rogue psyop. All these trials of communication taught me something different. Working through the misconception that it was the government was one of the first. It became very apparent that it was not them. They ratcheted up the high strange to get me through the idea that the government was doing this for some nefarious and clandestine purpose.  It was not them.

That first night in retrospect was to see if I could perceive it and how I would react. I can see how such events to the wrong people could be harmful to them if they have no actual cognition of what just occurred.  I did not self-destruct. I was fearful that first night but that was the only time that I was fearful of anything that was happening.

Throughout all this, I never saw any aliens or anything like that. No spaceships either. The communication was solely mental.  At least to start.

The halo effect on people and objects appears to be something that works for my brain. It is an indicator of being influenced. This was communication just not like anything I have ever experienced before. There was eventual syntax and understanding. It took over 30 days of near-constant influence to become conversant.  Understanding came in waves, I feel I was the limiting factor in this conversation. I realize now that they were learning how to communicate with me and my unique neurology. We each have unique neurology. It takes effort on both sides of the communication apparently.

Then what was it? Besides the very first night, I did not get any negative vibe or impressions. I did get the impression of curiosity and caring. I am not sure if working through governmental reasoning and realizing it was not them changed the game.

I knew it was something that I have never accepted or seriously considered. I worked through in a similar fashion that it was not “God” or anything like that. The God that humanity created is an incomplete idea. I worked through that with them to understand that they are not Gods any more than we are. Just a more advanced life form.  An advanced life form that is completely understandably mistaken for our anthropomorphic ideas of infallibleness. They are ancient. They did not make the Universe but knows how to manipulate it. Bend it. Magic to me and my monkey mind.

I have since birth had several forms of synesthesia. I wrote about myself in an off-handed way in one of the articles. This awareness and the perceptive state would best be described as an emergent form of synesthesia. This new synesthesia is most similar to how “mirror-touch synesthesia manifests. I had never had answered if what happened to me and the manner it happened to me was to explore my synesthesia. Could be?

I have likened this training to the epic poem Dante’s Inferno. There were layers I had to work through. I was dragged to hell and back figuratively. Everything I have ever done was analyzed. I was forced to recall all events were I have harmed or wronged people. They know everything. I have never done anything extremely wrong in my life so no mortal truths were discovered. It was an emotional trial beyond imagination. Traversing the layers of Hades was something that I wish I could describe to any satisfaction.

They know me better than I know myself I suspect. In retrospect, this experience could be taken like the interview beyond belief.  It was not an interview but it had some similar features. A thorough introduction.

Three or so weeks in the highest strange event that has ever happened to me occurred. They were demonstrating (I know this sounds strange) how to shift in and out of this experience. During much of these trials, I felt like I was completely and totally energized. I felt like a 1000 watt lightbulb. Illuminated is the only way to describe it. One night I was compelled to leave the house and go to a certain location across town. I knew I had to go and I had to go now. It was several miles from home to the destination. I was glowing like a supernova. I walked. I had to walk past my car to leave the yard. The idea of taking the car never entered my mind.

I walked at a fast pace through the dark streets and parks. I was motivated beyond anything has ever motivated me.  In my town, there is a hospital that has a giant blue letter “H” at the top of a 4 story part of the hospital. Its the highest point in town.  I walked passed it with it on my right. I kept walking and walking no break in consciousness. I could see life, or at least what I interpreted as a life force. Trees, grass, other people glowed in different iridescent hues.

I had zero fear of anything. I don’t mean I had the impression of fearlessness. I was fearless, an altered state of confidence. The only similarity I can think of is from an old episode of “Star Trek”. There is an episode where Spock has to mind-meld with the away team to take their fear away from being shot by Wyatt Earp and his gang. They were in a dream world but if they feared the bullets they would be real enough to kill you. That is the kind of fearless I refer to. None in my body at all. Possibly one of the stupidest things I did was walking headlong into oncoming traffic. I was so illuminated that I knew that I could not be hit. So I walked down the center of oncoming traffic. No fear at all. Nothing happened.

Without any break in my consciousness, I was a mile or so where I was with the giant blue “H” still on my right. I did not walk in a circle or lose where I was. I was never more alive than I ever have been.

They physically moved me instantaneously. They could have shut down my consciousness and made me walk in a big circle. But to my perception, it was instantaneously. I had no cognition of the buildings changing but I was at least a mile from where I was. I have no idea besides showing me what is possible why they did that at this time. Possibly they stopped me from being killed by traffic. I can’t be sure. One thing I am sure of is that they could have walked me into a bus or off a cliff and I could not have done anything.  I suspect that was what that was about. They did not harm me.

They showed me how to shift out of myself (bad words I know) but that is how it feels. It is all about perception. I now know that we have powerful friends.  I now know that the essence of what I am is immortal. I now have a new variation of synesthesia, one that I never dreamed possible or could have dreamed possible. I am now a conscious hybrid of sorts, as I suspect many of the people that have read this far are as well.

There are many more detail and events that happened over that time but what I wrote was the highlights. I wish I could find the words to describe how the interaction in my mind manifests. The communication is not words, music or anything like that. The only way I know to describe it is synesthesia.  A new consciousness. It is always with me now.

I have no desire to be a personality in UFOlogy at all. I have turned down to date 6 podcast requests. I can only offer my account.  I have more to tell and I will in time.  I have written about some of the content in my previous writings.

I give you all my word of honor that what I wrote is an accurate representation of what happened.