Positive Proof That Dr. Steven Greer Is A Fraud, Liar and Psychopath

Note: This article contains adult language. Your warned. The Angry UFOlogist is pissed off.

This guy above most UFO fraudsters bothers me more the most. OK, I’ll be honest he pisses me right off. He had such potential to make a difference in UFOlogy. Having the smarts to become a medical doctor does not necessarily mean that you have any scruples, ethics, or a higher calling.

I do not blame the casual UFO enthusiast for liking this guy.

He is slick in his presentation and spouts nonsense that people like. The whole “space brothers” sort of thing. Who doesn’t like the idea that highly advanced aliens have our best interests in mind? He caters to the religiosity of UFOlogy. Like all evangelists, there is always a time where the hat gets passed around…time to pay good hard cash for your faith. Sickening in the extreme.

He claims in his youth being able to contact extraterrestrials at will through his awesome mind power of meditation. Funny now he now charges thousands of dollars for his minions to follow him into the woods with flashlights and lasers to “vector” one in on his midnight UFO vectoring sessions. Whatever that means. He makes ALL of his minions sign super strict non-disclosure agreements so they can not talk about any aspect of their experiences with Greer and his jolly band of fraudsters. This threat of legal action against his paying followers is why you have not heard widespread screams of “This guy is full of crap”.

Of the 100’s of UFO vectoring sessions that he took in bag loads of money for. He has not released any credible evidence of ET contact at all.

Nothing, Nadda, Bubbkis

He claims that he has had vast  ET contact, pulls in 1000’s of people who have more money then brains out on his vectoring hunts. All armed with high-end cameras and recording devices…yet nothing.

Greer’s extraordinary claims have brought zero credible evidence. 

If any of his outlandish claims are true he would be catching it on video, all the time. We wouldn’t need any disclosure project, he could contact them and have his people video them from multiple angles. Why didn’t he video his successful attempts and make this whole Disclosure issue moot? Reason being is that he is full of shit.

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Greer is probably most famous for his Disclosure Project. His famous press conference, available on his website, in the summer of 2001 brought many witnesses before the microphone to ask for Congressional hearings on the subject.  Unfortunately, he brought forth some serious loonies as well, which had the effect of casting doubt on the credible witnesses. Greer is solidly in the Exopolitics camp, which has failed to dislodge one shred of evidence of alien visitation. Sorry, Steve Bassett, you anchored your horse to a mad man.

Greer is quick with “the truth” and how the field of UFOlogy is often marginalized and subjected to ridicule while the faceless and nameless bad guys rush in to cover it all up. The reality here is one need not look any further than Greer (among others) for the real problem the UFO field is faced with: The charlatans , delusional personalities, and outright sensationalists who are taking center stage with their completely unfounded and often times exaggerated claims, citing anonymous sources, and offering of not a shred of tangible evidence as to those claims. Always convenient, always bullshit.

mothraFor a time Greer’s website sported the creature on the left claiming it had been photographed during one of Greer’s midnight UFO vectoring sessions along with various entities looking suspiciously like lens reflections. Affectionately dubbed ‘Mothra’ by Greer’s detractors, this picture and others like it were removed to howls of laughter.

Not to be outdone, Greer also claims he has developed a ‘zero point’ energy device that can be held in one hand and is capable of powering small cities. His website for THIS venture is the Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO) which claims such technologies have been brutally suppressed by Big Oil, Nasty Government, and assorted other villains. It is supposed to be available Real Soon Now, any day, right around the corner, imminently. And in the meantime, you surely can invest in this technology which will make you insanely rich. You would have to be insanely gullible to invest in anything this man touches.

img_339863_steven-greer-absolute-proof_zps2f76083fJust think about it. After fifteen years, AERO, and its predecessors have not generated one single watt of electricity. But Greer has held one of these devices in his hands, just as he has held an alien baby in his arms.

Greer is a verifiable medical doctor. He could not tell that his alien baby was human? What crap any physician would be able to tell that little fellow was full human. He threw out his medical ethics and showed his hand of being a con-artist when he claimed this was an alien. It has been proven subsequently to be a human fetus…explain your bullshit, Greer.

Yep, the cover-up was on once again with Greer not being able to name his supposed insider sources, not providing a speck of evidence, and Greer once again representing “the truth” about UFOs. You people don’t really believe he consults with world leaders…what bullshit. Prove it Greer you flatulent douchebag.

In Stephen Greer’s book, Extraterrestrial Contact, Greer claimed to have been directly briefed about UFOs by R. James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA, at a dinner party. Shortly after Greer published his book with his apparently exaggerated account of what had taken place, Woolsey and others present at the dinner sent Greer a letter trying to set the record straight. While this is old news, it has been hidden fairly well to keep the image of this delusional lunatic intact.


If you have had the misfortune of hearing Greer on any podcast he always has touted this “briefing” with Director James Woolsey as the flagship briefing of his conman career. None of it was true. He twisted this great man’s kindness and unwillingness to scream across the dinner table… “shut up you crazy bastard”. Greer slandered the Director without conscience or remorse until the Director set the record straight. Way to go Mr. Woolsey.

Greer is just another conman in a long line of them in UFOlogy. He sells his truth to his more than eager followers. The truth of the UFO enigma is NOT for sale by charlatan authors and researchers. The truth is FREE. If you have to pay for it. You should realize you are being taken for a fool.

I truly hate this man for the simple fact that he COULD have brought a level of respectability to UFOlogy. He pissed it all away. He is now one of the most dangerous hoaxers we have. He has a slightly plausible shtick with medical credentials. He is no longer a practicing doctor. Maybe because he could not tell a human fetus from an alien? Many people walk away from a profession for something better for whatever reasons. He left saving lives to spread a very lucrative UFO Fraud.

This is just the first article on Greer’s improprieties. This article just barely scrapes the mess that is Dr. Streven Greer. Hey don’t kill the messenger (me), this guy is bad news for UFOlogy.

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