DiscloseTV.com Spreads Ridiculous CERN Hoax

The Angry Ufologist is pissed off.

The levels of stupidity that some bloggers will strive to are mind-blowing. The latest in a long line of scientifically illiterate Luddites to dip their misshapen and grotesque intellect into the field of high-energy physics is DiscloseTV.com. This is a bullshit pseudo news source for UFOlogy. When you list beforeitsnews as a source on your articles you must realize you are a bottom feeder.

Their top article today (4/20/16) is : I’M A PHYSICIST AT CERN: ‘WE’VE DONE SOMETHING WE SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE‘. Over 3000 people who can’t discern reality from fantasy shared this on Facebook.

This is a direct rehash of a known fraud involving an alleged whistleblower physicist at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The name of the alleged physicist is  Dr Edward Mantill.

Let’s get this straight. CERN or more accurately the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is the pinnacle of high-energy physics. ALL physicists at CERN in any speciality is the BEST and BRIGHTEST in the world. These genius men and women constitute the best brains in the world. You don’t get a CERN position without being exceptional. Demonstrably exceptional. Fact.

Being a physicist myself I understand the material involved. I am and never will be at their level, but that is alright only a handful of minds can cut the intellectual mustard. I know the kind of experiments they are running and can sniff out bullshit when I come across it. This latest excrement from DiscloseTV.com reads like it was written by a grade 10 physics drop out, and that is being very generous.

DiscloseTV.com is not even the original author of this literary brain fart. It was directly lifted from worldtruth.tv. Worldtruth.tv is what maggots are to rotting meat. Without the refreshing aftertaste.

This Dr Mantill after a few seconds of google-fu comes up listed on many, many bottom feeder UFO/Conspiracy websites. All with the exact same ridiculous text that DiscloseTV used. Some other entries in Google have Dr Mantill as one of the mysterious 70+ dead scientists that were popular last year. He was allegedly suicided along with 70+ other scientists. That particular piece of detritus made the rounds a few months ago. None of it was true or even plausible.

Dr. Edward Mantill Does Not Exist

I did my gumshoe routine and called CERN public relations. No scientist with that last name Mantill has ever worked on the LHC project. Not even as a contractor or subcontractor during the construction phase.

Don’t believe me..check out the official CERN directory: http://directory.web.cern.ch/directory/


I also wanted to check to see if there is any E.Mantill’s listed in any Swedish white pages…Nope, the closest match is NOT him. Super thanks to google translate for my ability to navigate these Swedish language websites.


The quality of the writing is not on the level of even the lowliest physicist. It reads like it was written by a teenager with no clue of how a true scientist would speak. No mention of which of the current experiments which are being run on the LHC (ALICEATLAS,CMS,LHCbLHCfMoEDAL, or TOTEM). I would bet the original writer had no clue of any of these.

DiscloseTV.com is supposed to represent the dream of full UFO Disclosure. They do not represent anyone who actually wants real Disclosure, but only the needs of their click-bait desires.

DiscloseTV.com is a prime example of what is wrong with UFOlogy. They think YOU are stupid and will fall for it.

The Angry UFOlogist will never talk down to you or think you are stupid. UFO’s are real! The grandeur of the Universe has only been scratched by use humans. So many real mysteries to discover, so many truths to find. We the heart of this grassroots movement for disclosure cannot suffer fools lightly if we want to make Disclosure a reality.

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