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Does anyone want to meet an extraterrestrial? Does anyone want to come face to face with a creature that had a completely independent evolutional line? Come face to nightmare with something that no human, hell no Earthican has ever seen. Come face to tentacles with an intelligence that may consider you a threat. Don’t worry about the million year advancement they have it would be a fair fight, right? Just call Sigourney. Come face to proboscis with an intelligence that can see through you. Literally, see through you. Come face to egg-like sack with an intelligence that has no vested interest in giving a shit about you. Just like you and I are towards fleas, ants, ticks, etc. Come face to purple tube with an intelligence that values your endorphins.  Not you as a person, just a few precious millilitres of brain juice that floods your brains neurology that interests them.

TV and movies make it seem like Klaatu is going show up anytime and freeze electricity. That flying saucers “a la George Pal” are zipping around our skies and minds. That some of these night fliers are being very forward and abducting our unsuspecting populace. If you scour UFO lore the accounts are almost universally unlikely.  The potential of near infinity will manifest in ways that truly more bizarre than expressed in mainstream UFOlogy.

Many, many people claim to have come face to face with the dark unknown. Alien abduction accounts run the gambit from happy friendly space brothers to slippery grey proctologists. To me, the accounts are a reflection of the observer not a true reflection of reality. Perceptions the thing. A full spectrum of delusional mental disorders is also a thing too. Of course, I could be swayed in the light of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary if any becomes available. I hope that this aspect above all others is just man’s imaginative folly. If we are being treated like cattle and property. Guess what, we are something else’s property. Maybe our concept of property is wrong. Does a blue whale consider the Krill it filter feeds on from ocean water its property? Or is it just food. Impulse and biological need.

Astronomers are enthusiastically searching for extra-solar planets, just to get an idea of how many are out there, but none of these people is looking for “aliens”; they’re just trying to determine the percentage of planets associated with star systems.

This article does not pertain particularly to the UFO true believer crowd. They seem to know volumes of information in which they cannot logically know. The people’s who bar for valid evidentiary quality is very low. For these people, they don’t have to look for aliens because they know the Earth is lousy with them.  They just know that an alien sourced vehicle crashed in Roswell and that the government is hiding it. Conspiracy of the highest and most important order. So much has been made claim about Roswell. All of this without any credible evidence of any kind. Many very nice, very credible-sounding people have made statements claiming knowledge and first-hand experience in the Roswell case. No matter how nice of a person they are all they can provide (all that anybody can provide without any physical evidence) is anecdotal evidence. There has never been any subject or topic or scientific investigative field that would ever, could ever accept anecdotal evidence to hold any final evidentiary weight. It at best logically can be a curiosity but has nothing to dig a spectrometer into. It could be used as tertiary confirmation consideration but not for primary confirmation. Logic just does not work like that. I am not talking about the legal system interpretation but the scientific one. They are both very different interpretations of what “evidentiary weight” means and can infer.

When I think about the Roswell case, for example, I can’t help but get stopped at this inconvenient truth. What follows remains one of the most potent arguments I’ve found against any evidence of intelligently-guided alien spacecraft.

If there were evidence of alien visitors, such as the reputed Roswell “crash” back in the 40s, the military forces of the nation (indeed, the world) would have been clamouring for money and projects to counter this “threat from the skies”. We would have seen vast resources expended for such things as space-based weapons, surveillance systems, observational platforms on the Moon…Etc, etc.

It’s the military’s job to prepare for threats, after all.

But we have seen none of this. All military expenditures from the 50s up until the collapse of the Soviet Union were directed to the Cold War and the threat of Communist aggression.  All space research was handled by NASA, a civilian agency with occasional launches of surveillance satellites to look at… Russia and the Soviets.

To this very day, all of our military arsenals are designed to fight Earthly foes on Earth.

So, we might conclude that either the top military and civil-defence minds of the world don’t think there is any threat….Or that they are all, every single one of them, involved in a vast conspiracy to keep all this secret. There would be many thousands of individuals, likely millions, involved in this conspiracy. This plays well on the X-Files but in reality, we know how good humans are at keeping secrets.

The concept of cause and effect can be thought of in this case. The incident had a cause (alleged UFO crash) but it did not have ANY noticeable effect on the geopolitical landscape. That is very difficult to explain when you understand the alleged severity of the situation to be a planetary war machine gamechanger. To this date, no military vehicle has ever premiered in any theatre of operation on the planet that were not burning highly concentrated fossil fuels. No apparent technology that you might expect from a high Kardashev culture might drop or discard. Keep in mind that Humans do not even rank on that scale. Even a level 1 civilization would be amazing.

There is a possible dark side of this quest for extraterrestrial confirmation. Indeed, this may be foolish. Many of our smartest thinkers, such as Stephen Hawking, believe it to be an extremely dangerous thing to do.

What if aliens are more like us than we would like them to be? Look back to our history when more advanced societies encountered primitive tribes. What happens then? It’s not pretty — especially when the tribes sit on valuable resources. Much the same may happen to us if we are “discovered”. So why should we broadcast our position in space and actively try to let them know we’re here? Foolish.

There’s this naive optimism about how alien life would react to us. I think it stems from the notion that an alien race with sufficiently advanced technology would somehow overcome the need for warfare, aggression, and domination. I’m not sure why people think this way. After all, we’re still aggressively dominating each other now that we have all this fancy technology. Life may be less brutish, yes, but countries are still investing a massive amount of resources into arming themselves against their neighbours. In addition, while an alien race may have outgrown warfare amongst themselves, that says nothing about their attitudes towards their neighbours.

Whether or not if you believe that Aliens are here or not, does not ultimately matter. The reason we all want to find aliens in the Universe is a form of cosmic self-reflection. We are all starstuff. Everything we are started in a supernova explosion. We are the fabric of universe just as much as anything else. The fact that we both would have spawned civilizations in the same Universe may be the only commonality we have with them.

The Universe evolved consciousness at least once (on Earth). With the possibilities of a billion more mind origins. We are the Universe trying to understand itself. Another life out there is just another expression of this Universal commonality. Maybe the intention behind the alien eyes that are observing us is observing themselves in the distant past. Study the primitive to ultimately understand the complex.

Being an experiencer myself I do know, not believe that something real and tangible is going on. This is not a question anymore. At least it should not be.  But I make no claim at all to know what it is all about. I wish I did. I try my best to consider the possibilities.

Hell, maybe they will come for our women like in 1950’s science fiction. If that is the case I pity the one that gets my wife. No creature in the Universe could dominate her.

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